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11 months · Blakesburg

Pageant over
Veyda finished 446th in the Halloween 🎃 👻’s contest which ended a month ago.

She loves to go on 4 wheeler rides everyday she can’t talk but makes the vrooom vrooom sound when she wants a ride. Too cute



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Aubree N.
Aubree N. Vote my beautiful baby on my page❤️
Halley L.
Halley L. Yes I already started voting for David today
Alina I.
Alina I. Do you want to exchange with David Matthew
Crystal Maus
Crystal Maus Hello would you like to exchange +10
Tammy P.
Tammy P. Gabby needs advanced votes of no more then 150 to place third could you help her ????????? Gabriella Leanna
Priscilla P.
Priscilla P. Hello are you interested in an advance vote to go to my competition which will start on November 9
Olga How does it work?
Halley L.
Halley L. Does anyone know how this works. If you win first in state and win 500.00 and 2000 votes and win 10 th in the USA. and win 500.00 and 2000 votes there do u win 1000.00 and 4000 votes all together or do u win the 500.00 and 2000 votes ?
Grant F
Grant F Just 500.00 and 2000 votes
Ron V.
Ron V. She’s adorable! Let’s exchange 10 votes a day! Shwaggy D
Halley L.
Halley L. How do you exchange votes
Diane Mercado
Diane Mercado U vote for them 10 times and they vote for u 10 times
Halley L.
Halley L. How s
Tammy P.
Tammy P. We shared your page to 30 for 25 free votes for you. Please vote for Gabby. Thank you ❤️😊💟 . .Gabriella Leanna