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6 months · Beloit

28th USA and 1st Wisconsin ranking in the 0-4 years old's contest which ended a month ago.
Prizes won: $250 + 2000 votes
438 €

Gianna is 4 months. She found her voice and has not stopped talking and blowing bubbles since 😭🫶🏾 She loves playing peekaboo and she’s verryyy ticklish 😂🥰 She loves to go outside and go on walks and loves seeing new faces and she always smile oh so bright back at you. Her smile and laugh will b...



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Ashlyn A.
Ashlyn A. Hi! My name is shaymin 🐶 I’m currently trying to collect as much votes as I can so my momma can use the winnings to get our newest foster his leg amputated ! Some mean guy came up and kicked him resulting in a very bad fracture high up and he now need it removed. He’s just a baby At only 3 months old. We will try to return votes as we can. Thank you for helping us 🐾 ONLY HOURS LEFT!! Shaymin
Patronia W.
Patronia W. I want to thank everyone who voted for my Gigi ❤️ love y'all now stay on cause she coming again so come on Ayers, Jones and Webb family let's make her number one in the united state ❤️🥰🙏🙌
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Patronia W.
Patronia W. Beautiful 🥰
Patronia W.
Patronia W. 🥰🥰🥰