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14 yo · Greenview

3rd USA and 1st Illinois ranking in the 5-14 years old's contest which ended a month ago.
Prizes won: $300 + 1000 votes
1963 €

Brooklyn is a beautiful young lady with a big heart! She’s an A student. Cheerleader, volleyball and track athlete.



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Tayyy add me on messenger!! my name is Taylor lancaster and my profile picture is of me holding my son with the sunset in the background 🥰
Adrielle T.
Adrielle T. - [ ] PLEASE VOTE FOR MY PETS!!! Especially Yamita 🌅😇 I would really appreciate it! Please read Yamitas story :) Yamita Yamita Pinky Cupcake I will vote for you to! Please help me get to 1st in Illinois!
Liz D.
Liz D. Will vote for yours 10x a day if you vote for Brooklyn 10x a day
Adrielle T.
Adrielle T. Ok! :)
Goldie J. M.
Goldie J. M. She is such a great big sister! Super smart, funny, loving, and athletic. Such a beautiful joy to the family!!