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9 months · Conroe

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1365th USA and 63rd Texas ranking in the 0-4 years old's contest which ended a month ago.

Hi my name is Sophia Abraham and I love being sassy and happy. My favorite thing to do is scream my dada name all day and be the princess of the house. Please vote for me so you all may see more of my personality thank you ❤️



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Joanna L.
Joanna L. Just adorable
Tawanda W.
Tawanda W. That’s NaNa beautiful Princess!!❤️❤️
Tera S.
Tera S. She’s beautiful 🤩🥰!!
Shameka H. J.
Shameka H. J. Beautiful princess 🥰
Talicia R.
Talicia R. She's gorg!!!
Sharon E.
Sharon E. She's a doll!😍
Claudel S.
Claudel S. Simply Beautiful
Samantha T.
Samantha T. Little miss. Gorgeous 😍
Shelmesheala A.
Shelmesheala A. Beautiful
Malani Dior
Malani Dior Look at my toot 😍😍😍