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13 yo · Douglassville

44th USA and 1st Pennsylvania ranking in the 5-14 years old's contest which ended a month ago.
Prizes won: $150 + 1000 votes
188 €

Skye is a 13 year old girl. Who loves her family, friends, and softball. She was adopted a year ago and is living her best life. 🤍



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Adrielle T.
Adrielle T. PLEASE VOTE FOR MY PETS & ME !!! Especially Yamita 🌅😇 I would really appreciate it! Please read Yamitas story :) Yamita Yamita Pinky Cupcake I will vote for you to! Please help me get to 1st in Illinois!
Defretinfabienne bsr vous voulez un èchange de voteOdile si oui merci de me le dire le concours recommence se soir
Ashley A.
Ashley A. Simply stunning
Kelly B.
Kelly B. Absolutely gorgeous! Inside and out 💕
Angel B.
Angel B. Go SKY ... Your a beauty queen already !!! love mom -mom Angel