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2 yo 7 months · Kingman

54th USA and 2nd Arizona ranking in the 0-4 years old's contest which ended a month ago.
Prizes won: $200 + 1000 votes
406 €



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Bboo M.
Bboo M. Welcome to the Pageant 😊
Jeremy H.
Jeremy H. Would you like to exchange votes 10 for 10 on Shasta Saphire? If so please let us know thank you🙂
Issac R.
Issac R. You are welcome 🤗
Robelyn G.
Robelyn G. Thank you so much for voting
Issac R.
Issac R. I hope your daughter wins gave her an extra 400 points 🙌🙌
Issac R.
Issac R. Your daughter is adorable, i help give her 150 points 🤍