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8 yo · Chattanooga

464th USA and 17th Tennessee ranking in the 5-14 years old's contest which ended a month ago.

Skylar is a vibrant, BOLD, and ambitious 8 year old who loves being directly in front of the camera. She is a child influencer/content creator in the making. She loves technology and being able to utilize it in various ways. Please submit a vote, this won’t be your last time seeing her in this setti...



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Christina Z.
Christina Z. Gave you some votes from my son Chase Btw if you are new I can help you with the ins and outs if you wish ♥️ best of luck to you.
Talicia R.
Talicia R. Thank you so much this is appreciated!!! Yes we are new to this.
Christina Z.
Christina Z. I'm not sure if it will be easier to message me on Facebook messenger? I can like do small videos or multiple screenshots Christina Zoucha
Christina Z.
Christina Z. 1. You can vote for yourself and 4 others ten times a day , so 5 people total ten times a day.
Christina Z.
Christina Z. 2. Most ask other people to exchange with every day to help each other out. For an example I would come to your page and day " Hi, Would you like to exchange votes with Chase ? +10 a day? +20 a day? Please reply with your answer on my wall. "
Christina Z.
Christina Z. 3. There are achievements you can earn that gets you free votes. If you click on vote on your name it's the one in the middle.
Christina Z.
Christina Z. 4. There are "sister" apps that you can exchange with too. You can exchange with 5 people ten times a day from every app. Little miss beauty Miss KingPet Bidiboo Baybee Pageant dog Lullapanda
Christina Z.
Christina Z. Btw i can say I can do plus twenty a day because I have my own account on my cell phone and I use my husband on my laptop connected to the wifi. I have to remember not to be connected to the wifi on my cell phone before I open the apps or else I'm screwed for that day and can't do all my voting. I hope this helps feel free to message me on messenger best of luck to you. ❤️