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6 yo · Shady Hills

125th USA and 6th Florida ranking in the 5-14 years old's contest which ended 25 days ago.
Prize won: 400 votes
3 €

Im a loving Little lady with a lot of sass❤️my goal is 6,000+ votes so please help me get there 🥰😘



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Terry E.
Terry E. That's my beautiful granddaughter vote for her
Brenda T.
Brenda T. Yay Addie
Tiffini B.
Tiffini B. Congratulations Addie bug.
Diamond R.
Diamond R. Let’s keep voting thank y’all for the support
Donna Y.
Donna Y. Keep voting everyone,it's almost over but you can vote up to ten times a day,every ten minutes.👍❤️😊
Brenda T.
Brenda T. This little lady is such a beautiful child inside and out
Tiffini B.
Tiffini B. This little girl is the most loving caring swart considerate respectful little girl that I know she's always ready to learn new things and one of her favorite things to do is gardening
Diamond R.
Diamond R. She’s full of sass but has a huge heart ❤️ and she’s an amazing big sister
Donna Y.
Donna Y. This little girl is adorable and she has such a caring loving heart ❤️🥰