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11 yo · Grandfield

162nd USA and 2nd Oklahoma ranking in the 5-14 years old's contest which ended 3 months ago.
Prize won: 550 votes

Mattie has a beautiful soul, she’s smart and absolutely loves animals!



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Christina D
Christina D Hi would you like to exchange votes 10 a day please let me know on my wall thanks Jada
Judy T.
Judy T. Mattie is so cute and sweetheart
Micha L.
Micha L. My beautiful niece! You’re a queen, babe!!! ♥️
Megan M.
Megan M. 😍😍😍
Valerie S.
Valerie S. My Country Princess
Matthew S.
Matthew S. Let’s go baby girl you got this dad loves you, you are amazing
Jessica F.
Jessica F. Way to go mattie ❤❤
Valerie S.
Valerie S. Nana Little Queen right there she is amazing
Caribbean Q.
Caribbean Q. Would you like to exchange votes +10 a day Makayla starting today
Sharon B.
Sharon B. Mattie is beautiful inside and out!!!