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5 yo · Kankakee

28th USA and 5th Illinois ranking in the 5-14 years old's contest which ended 4 months ago.
Prize won: $150
210 €

Aaliyah is my youngest of 3 she enjoys watching YouTube, playing with dolls, puzzles and domino’s she is very smart and like things done a certain way (her way) if Aaliyah win this contest she would like to take a trip to Las Vegas to find the Spy Ninjas



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Caribbean Q.
Caribbean Q. Would you like to exchange votes +10 a day Makayla starting today
Shawna M.
Shawna M. Her Bio is too cute good job mom 🥰
Quonie S.
Quonie S. 😊❤️
Danahja S.
Danahja S. 💕