Leandra - Child Beauty Pageant
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19 months · New York

4th USA and 1st New York ranking in the 0-4 years old’s contest which ended 19 hours ago.
Prizes won: $700 + $300
1843 €

Leandra is such a sweetheart❤️Just being around her makes you smile!!! She is so Loving and absolutely loves to dance!!! She is the best big sister to her baby brother Leon!!!



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Crystal S.
Crystal S. Good luck hope she wins 1st 🥇 she’s super adorable 🥰
Liridona Thank you so much🥰 I hope so too🥰❤️
Crystal S.
Crystal S. Apparently first place bought a crap ton of votes 🤷‍♀️😮🤨
Liridona She definitely did!!
Ela L.
Ela L. Halla loves you so much , beautiful 🥰❤️
Liridona I love you too Halla🥰❤️😘
Je H.
Je H. My beautiful God daughter 🥰❤️. You are perfect 🤍🤍
Liridona Thank you so much love🥰❤️😘
Latasha S.
Latasha S. Ur daughter is so adorable!! Hope she wins i voted for her
Liridona Thank you so much Hun!!! 🥰❤️🙏🏼
Katerina L.
Katerina L. I love you my Princess ❤️❤️
Liridona I love you too Nana🥰❤️
Katerina L.
Katerina L. So adorable 🥰🌹😘
Deanna G.
Deanna G. What a doll! 😍 she’s adorable, those eyes are perfect.
Liridona Thank you so much Hun😍🥰
Kaitlynn H.
Kaitlynn H. Can you vote for my baby and I’ll keep voting for yours 🥲🥰 lol
Liridona Of course 🥰
Fatime H.
Fatime H. The most funniest, cutest girl that brings so much joy and laughter to your life that is this little angel above Leandra!! Let’s go Aunties girl you got this 🙌🏼🙏🏼💗💕
Liridona Thank you so much sis❤️🙏🏼She Loves You So Much🥰❤️😘