Calliope Rhayne - Child Beauty Pageant
Skin, Arm, Mouth, Leg, Shorts, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Thigh, Pink, Knee, Comfort, Hat, Grass, Lap, Happy, Leisure, Toddler, Summer, Fun, Magenta, Chair, Person

Calliope Rhayne

10 months · Clinton

Currently winning:
1400 votes
60th USA and 3rd Oklahoma ranking in the 0-4 years old’s contest which ended 8 hours ago.
Prizes won: $200 + 400 votes
194 €

She’s got three* sisters she loves to play with. She’s just learning to walk. Loves to play with her puppy she loves the outside her favorite song is 5 little duck and fancy like and She like to dances and likes bath time!



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