Adelina - Child Beauty Pageant
Hair, Face, Skin, Head, Hairstyle, Shoulder, Eyes, Smile, Neck, Flash Photography, Standing, Eyelash, Happy, Toddler, Cool, Fun, Mechanical Fan, Black Hair, Chest, Person, Joy


5 yo · San Antonio

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400 votes

Adelina is such a diva, she loves to look and feel pretty. She loves putting on makeup, dancing and singing; as well as outdoor play and playing with her LOL dolmas. She also loves to draw and is a great student in school. 👑🌻🌟



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Chayma T.
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Diana H.
Diana H. Gorgeous Lil princess such a blessing all the best wishes and luck in the world🥰
Sylvia R.
Sylvia R. Thanks D ❤️❤️❤️😘 love ya
Emma P.
Emma P. Hello échange Sana ???!
Ghyt She is so cute!
Brooke T.
Brooke T. Vote for vote?
Sylvia R.
Sylvia R. Yes