Bella - Child Beauty Pageant
Hand, Arm, Leg, Flash Photography, Jaw, Dress, Eyelash, Gesture, Style, Black-and-white, Waist, Elbow, Happy, Thigh, Trunk, Chest, Human Leg, Black & White, Long Hair, Monochrome, Person


9 yo · Oshkosh


Bella is fun spirited, happy girl. She loves to play with her dolls, ride her bike, and play with her brother and sister. She loves spending time with her family whether it’s bowling, swimming, or just watching a movie. Also like any other younger sibling, she loves to annoy her brother and sister t...



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Carol J.
Carol J. 10 votes for 10 votes
Sam D.
Sam D. Thank you
Melissa A.
Melissa A. shes sooo pretty 💕