Harmony - Child Beauty Pageant
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14 months · Macon

Pageant over
1019th USA and 41st Georgia ranking in the 0-4 years old’s contest which ended 5 months ago.

She loves to eat she loves to laugh and her smile just makes anyone's day brighter than it can be. And she's not an answer from God I don't know what is.



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Phillip L.
Phillip L. Wow Look At My Beautiful Granddaughter. #TeamLester
Phillip L.
Phillip L. Isn't God Amazing. #TeamLester
Phillip L.
Phillip L. There's nothing like a day with your family
Phillip L.
Phillip L. I want to watch my baby tired was she just didn't want to let that Cheeto go
Phillip L.
Phillip L. This beautiful granddaughter of mines has brought more joy in my life my daughter's life and my son's life then words can imagine