Kennidee - Child Beauty Pageant
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13 yo · Raeford

6th USA and 1st North Carolina ranking in the 5-14 years old’s contest which ended 6 months ago.
Prizes won: $150 + 1000 votes
449 €

Kennidee is a 13 year old songbird who enjoys writing songs, rapping, and singing in her free time. Kennidee is the oldest of two children and a great BIG sister.



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Nathalia Hii exchange please Melania
Dyarah P.
Dyarah P. Full Of Joy & Happiness To Beautiful 🤩 Let’s Exchange Votes If You Would Like My Daughter & I Are New To This
Tia H.
Tia H. Sure we can when would you like to start?
Dyarah P.
Dyarah P. Can we be gone tomorrow God spare life 🥰
Janiqua T.
Janiqua T. Hello wondering if you would like to exchange votes 10 or 20 a day
Tia H.
Tia H. Yes we can but When do you want to start, who is the child?
Janiqua T.
Janiqua T. Jewel
Tia H.
Tia H. I returned the votes thank you