Melody Ann - Child Beauty Pageant
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Melody Ann

10 months · Holbrook

1279th USA and 14th Arizona ranking in the 0-4 years old’s contest which ended a month ago.

She loves eating her hands, and looking at her legs when she lifts them up. Has a beautiful smile n just started making noises that she loves to hear herself she gets louder:) just started rolling over, now she got the hang of it she wont stop Lol. I call her a little rollie pollie:) Also loves ...



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Yalianiz She’s beautiful 💕! God bless her ! 👑💘 if you would like to exchange votes with us and vote for us 10 times a day and we will do the same just let us know and comment on our wall😊
Isabell M.
Isabell M. I would like to also vote on this beautiful picture of my little niece. She most definitely looks like her mom! She likes to be held, talked to, and also likes to put to be sleep. All of her aunts and uncles loves her.