Gianna - Child Beauty Pageant
Joint, Skin, Eyes, Leg, White, Neck, Human Body, Toy, Shorts, Thigh, Waist, Finger, Black Hair, Chair, Trunk, Knee, Chest, Abdomen, Human Leg, Thumb, Person, Headwear


13 months · Angleton

Pageant over
Gianna finished 827th in the 0-4 years old’s contest which ended 6 months ago.

Gianna can now sit alone, fake cough for attention, say MaMa and lovesss the company of her two big bros so let’s see how long the bows last! Gianna is currently a Rep for small boutiques & is a big supporter of small businesses already! She’d love to win this contest so please, Vote Gianna🤍



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Samantha L.
Samantha L. Would you like to exchange votes?
Jacklyn Luna
Jacklyn Luna She needs her bathrobe one on here 😂 lol
Gabriela L.
Gabriela L. Lemme add it lol
Jacklyn Luna
Jacklyn Luna 🖤🖤🖤🖤
Jackiee L.
Jackiee L. My great niece Gianna is absolutely gorgeous. 🖤