Dalilah - Child Beauty Pageant
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9 yo · Belleville

32nd USA and 4th Illinois ranking in the 5-14 years old’s contest which ended 6 months ago.
Prize won: $150
147 €

Hello, this is Da’Lilah Rae and she is a very talented girl. She has the biggest personality and loves to make her own little videos. She just recently placed 3rd in her first pageant ever and is very excited about that. She is a great dancer and is very flexible. She wants to be a veterinarian when...



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Gabby M.
Gabby M. Beautiful!
Megan C.
Megan C. Thank you 💕
Giannachristine So cute! Gianna will exchange 10 per day 💙
Megan C.
Megan C. Sure💕 and thank you