Sophie - Child Beauty Pageant
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14 months · Wetumpka

Pageant over
1135th USA and 43rd Alabama ranking in the 0-4 years old’s contest which ended 4 months ago.

She is the happiest at all times and she brings so much joy to our lives. She loves her some cocomelon.



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Lois H.
Lois H. I just had a message from a Robert m or Richard m. I am so sorry but I do not know where that message went so please send again
Kaylyn S.
Kaylyn S. Sorry that was me! I accidentally messaged you from my daughters dads account lol. So i deleted it lol. I will vote for little Sophie all I can.
Kaylyn S.
Kaylyn S. I have a little surprise for her from one small town girl to the other, but ill wait a couple days b4 I do it!😘 Youll know when I do.👑
Lois H.
Lois H. Kaylyn S. I surely will
Kaylyn S.
Kaylyn S. it will only let me do 50 votes total a day so i cant give her ten but i will give her a few each day i promise just give Addy as many as i give Soph! So sorry wish i could give her more bc she is such a cutie but thankyou 💓
Kaylyn S.
Kaylyn S. Would you like to exchange 10 votes a day? She is so cute 😍
Fabrice T.
Fabrice T. Hello you are interested in an exchange of 10 votes per day with Melania for my rendering thank you for your answer confirm me here
Judy Bethea F.
Judy Bethea F. Shes so beautiful