Lilliana Gail - Child Beauty Pageant
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Lilliana Gail

18 months · Jackson Township

7th USA and 1st New Jersey ranking in the 0-4 years old’s contest which ended 8 days ago.
Prizes won: $500 + 2000 votes

Lilliana Gail can light up a room. Her personality is like no other. She loves to talk, dance (shake her booty), go on walks, read books, FaceTime and hangout with her family and also eat. Lilliana loves To watch Frozen, Elmo and Hockey with her Daddy! Please vote for my little love 💕🥰



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Kallie R. Brielle Exchange votes?
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Mélanie F. Hello :) exchange votes with Gribouille ho participate for an association ? How many per day if ok ? Thanks for your answer and have a good day ^^
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Charlene J. hello 🌸 is it possible for you to like the profile of lucas please? it will be adorable from you 🌸 thank you in advance 🥰 Lucas
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Lunarae T. Please send a vote for my little @Lunarae, one free vote or any votes will be appreciated— will return votes when needed !! 💖💕🥺 This is now her second contest! We’re trying to race to first in the US ! We don’t have enough family/ friends that can vote, so any votes will be much appreciated ! Thank you sincerely in advance!
Alex C.
Alex C. You got it ❤️
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Lunarae T. Thank you !!
Lunarae T.
Lunarae T. 💖💕💕💕
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Jamie P. Rooting for you guys!! I will continue to vote for Lilliana Gail! Abigail
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