Macari - Child Beauty Pageant
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8 months · Albuquerque

116th USA and 4th New Mexico ranking in the 0-4 years old’s contest which ended a month ago.
Prize won: 1000 votes

Hello, Thank you for voting for my little angel. Macari loves spending time with her grandma playing and dodging nap time. She also loves listening to her mommy read books to her each night. She can't wait for daddy to come home so he can tickle her feet and share his ice cream with her. She loves t...



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Tamerian W.
Tamerian W. Bethany thank you so much. 💜
Bethany S.
Bethany S. This baby is a beauty. I have enjoyed voting for her. You should enter her in more professional modeling competitions.
Tamerian W.
Tamerian W. Thank you Freda❤️
Freda R.
Freda R. Gorgeous MiMi Love you ♥
Tamerian W.
Tamerian W. Thank you Mrs. Thomas. I will be in touch.
Michelle T
Michelle T Hello Tamerian I was told by one of my clients to look you up on this website. I handle recruiting for a big modeling company in New York. I would be interested in meeting with you. Macari would be a great fit for some of the modeling contracts that come into my office. I sent a DM so reach me at your convenience. Thank you.
Tamerian W.
Tamerian W. Thank you Stacy.❤️
Stacy Sanchez
Stacy Sanchez Wow she is a gorgeous baby!