Annmarie - Child Beauty Pageant
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6 months · Toledo


This is Annmarie she loves to roll around scream laugh very ticklish she loves to watch Cocomelon loves to eat her little feet 🦶 Please vote for me we vote back



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Smantha G.
Smantha G. voted 10-10 she is very beautiful
Jake C.
Jake C. voted 10-10 shes beautiful
Harley C.
Harley C. Beautiful voted 10-10
Amy S.
Amy S. Beautiful voted 10-10
Ashland C.
Ashland C. voted
Ashland C.
Ashland C. adorable
Annie C.
Annie C. Voted she is beautiful 😻
Joesph A.
Joesph A. My beautiful daughter
Coddie W.
Coddie W. Adorable 🥰
Amer E.
Amer E. She’s a miracle
Brittany A.
Brittany A. She sure is 🥰