Milan - Child Beauty Pageant
Cheek, Skin, Smile, Eyes, White, Neck, Iris, Happy, Pink, Dress, Chest, Trunk, Abdomen, Fun, Art, Thigh, Blond, Sitting, Child, Vintage Clothing, Person, Joy


11 months · Delmar

Currently winning:
$300 + 2000 votes
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Jason S.
Deshiryl W.
Aniyah T.
Andrea J.
Debbie H. L.

Milan loves to watch Baby Shark, play with her uncles, eat, watch TikTok, and ride in her car.



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Lauren B.
Lauren B. Priya Would you like to exchange votes 10/10 a day with priya? Please comment on Priya’s page if you are interested! Thank you and good luck!
Esther D.
Esther D. Good Luck cutie
Starleeta D.
Starleeta D. hey cutie good luck in contest💕