Mela - Child Beauty Pageant
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12 months · St. Petersburg

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$300 + $300
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Tobey C.
Jennifer A.
Valerie T.
Jenny S.
Nikki A.

Me’La loves to be outside and in the water! The way into her heart is threw her stomach!



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Olga Chauveau
Olga Chauveau Bonjour, vous souhaitez faire un échange de votes 10 par jours avec Halto
Valeria B.
Valeria B. Hello would you be interested in an advance of votes, for September / October, thank you for answering us on the wall, and how many can you go. Thank you for your positive or negative response Lena septembre /octobre ❤️Tiago septembre
Tobey C.
Tobey C. Those eyes & that smile. Even at a young age she plays well with others. PRICELESS ❤️!
Jennifer A.
Jennifer A. Me'La has such beautiful blues and look at all that personality. Baby girl is such a Diva! 💗
Nikki A.
Nikki A. Her 1st birthday! She is amazing 🤩