Alaina - Child Beauty Pageant
Forehead, Nose, Face, Cheek, Skin, Head, Lip, Chin, Eyebrow, Mouth, Hairstyle, Eyes, Facial Expression, Eyelash, White, Muscle, Azure, Person


3 months · Highlands

Currently winning:
$300 + 2000 votes

Alaina is such a little (big) DIVA! She loves both of her big brothers! She has her daddy wrapped around her finger! And her momma deeply inlove with her! She is full of sass an attitude!



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Valeria B.
Valeria B. Hello would you be interested in an advance of votes, for September / October, thank you for answering us on the wall, and how many can you go. Thank you for your positive or negative response Lena septembre /octobre ❤️Tiago septembre
Khloe H.
Khloe H. Super cute sending some votes
Elizabeth C.
Elizabeth C. Please vote for us ❤️
Ashly T.
Ashly T. Miss Alaina Rose aka miss Diva wants to thank those that have voted for her!