Ajayleonna - Child Beauty Pageant
Nose, Face, Cheek, Skin, Head, Lip, Chin, Hand, Arm, Eyes, Facial Expression, Mouth, Smile, Neck, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Sleeve, Textile, Comfort, Baby, Person, Headwear


5 months · Lenoir

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$300 + 2000 votes
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Danese D.
Marcia L.
Haley P.
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Brookie D.

AJayleonna just turned 5months she loves oatmeal bottles , playing in her jumpy , and talking to daddy



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Alice M.
Alice M. Snoppy échange de votes avec Snoppy ?
Mamie B.
Mamie B. Intéressée par une avance de votes à rendre à ma chatte Câline lorsqu'elle fera son véritable concours, soit au mois de Mai ou juin ? Si oui veuillez me donner votre réponse le plus rapidement possible, merci, dans l'attente voici un 1er vote. Caline
Crystal S.
Crystal S. Would I like to exchange votes ten a day? And your daughter is beautiful!! Love her eyes ❤️
Dstiny S.
Dstiny S. Sounds good thanks
Marcia L.
Marcia L. She is such a sweet little girl and just gorgeous. Her eyes are like the ocean...gorgeous
Corinne M.
Corinne M. Hello, would you be interested in voting advances to be returned to Mouss in votes or as a bonus on its contest which will take place in April. If yes I can do 10 / d or 20 / d depending on my contracts and if I am not blocked otherwise tell me how much you want me to do. I await your answer on the wall of Mouss. Have a good day
Emily M.
Emily M. +10 from Allie
Corinne V.
Corinne V. Hello. Do you accept to exchange 10 votes/day with Poupi
Emily M.
Emily M. +10 from Allie
Mélanie P.
Mélanie P. ❤🍼🦄 Lyana : echange (exchange) , avances de vote (advance vote) or Bonus ? merci a vous (thankks) 🦄🍼❤ Lyana
Madison S.
Madison S.
Madison S. Would Lulu like to exchange or even buy and you buy too.
Mélanie P.
Mélanie P. echange Lyana
Emily M.
Emily M. Exchange with Allie ?
Tayla M.
Tayla M. Would you like to exchange votes daily with my daughter Avyana Nichole
Mélanie P.
Mélanie P. ❤🍼🦄 Lyana : echange (exchange) , avances de vote (advance vote) or Bonus ? merci a vous (thankks) 🦄🍼❤ Lyana
Ginger W.
Ginger W. Ganny loves you 💜
Tony S.
Tony S. Bby girl did amazing for only being on for few days
Danese D.
Danese D. MiMi’s baby girl did amazing for only starting their contest a couple days ago❤️ I love you Onna💝
Too Cute
Too Cute So cute