Kaleigh - Child Beauty Pageant
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11 yo · Westerville

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$150 + 400 votes

Kaleigh is a beautiful, bubbly 11 year old. She is deaf, and is my miracle child. She wasn’t supposed to live. She has overcome so many obstacles, surgeries, and therapies thrown her way.



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Kit N.
Kit N. Hello would you like to exchange votes daily withLily Our competition starts tonight. Please let us know how many if you would xx
Virginie D.
Virginie D. Hello exchange 10. 20. or 30. Ambre
Luna P.
Luna P. Wednesday : David C 4/ Luna P 3= 7 🎁... Buck .. Kaleigh is beautiful. She doesn’t need a contest to prove that. Take care !
Laura M.
Laura M. Wednesday also : Laura M 4/ Lanne L 10/ Laurent M 10= 24🎁
Zoe Y.
Zoe Y. Wednesday too : Lucia S 3 / Zoe Y 3 = 6🎁
David C.
David C. Thursday : Laura M 4/ David C 9/ Luna P 9= 22🎁
Lucia S.
Lucia S. Thursday too : Lucia S 8 / Zoe Y 8 / Mitch L 5 / Silvia S 5 = 26🎁.
Tina B.
Tina B. Thursday : Florent W 2/ Tina B 2= 4🎁
Mark A.
Mark A. Thursday : Mark A 4/ Ann E 4= 8🎁
Joni B.
Joni B. Do you want to exchange votes. Farrah
Judyza Aww , I really wanted her to win
Jessica N.
Jessica N. Me too. I tried to put in votes last minute and it wasn’t going thru :/
Judyza You can use the 1000 votes code she won
Jessica N.
Jessica N. Thank you
Judyza You’re welcome 💕
Valerie R.
Valerie R. 123835 ELINE
Karin L.
Karin L. Hello exchange of 10 votes per day? Léa
Cori La Loca M.
Cori La Loca M. 10:10
Joel C.
Joel C. 10/10 tomorrow?
Emt Monica Ogwin
Emt Monica Ogwin 10/10 with Neveah
Mary G. S.
Mary G. S. Voting :)
Jessica N.
Jessica N. Funny how the rude comments are gone. I screenshoted and will be reported you to the people who organize this.
Jessica N.
Jessica N. Not sure how you message people. Feel free to message my Facebook. Jessica Jade Norris
Mary G. S.
Mary G. S. I sent message
Daisha H.
Daisha H. Congratulations!! You put up a great fight! No contest defines how beautiful you are on the inside and out! Keep fighting!!🎉🎉
Jessica N.
Jessica N. Congratulations to you as well. Thank you for the kind words.
Melissa A.
Melissa A. Yes your daughter is beautiful just the way she is 💕 my daughter Payton on my page needs the extra encouragement sometimes too bc she’s over weight and she’s still BEAUTIFUL they both are 💕
Elizabeth C.
Elizabeth C. Please vote for us ❤️
Jessica N.
Jessica N. I did :)
Katelyn R.
Katelyn R. Vote exchange please?
Laetitia B.
Laetitia B. Exchange Ilan 🇫🇷
Johan D.
Johan D. Do you want advance votes to deliver in June July? Anwer on wall Myrtille