Ailayah Smith - Child Beauty Pageant
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Ailayah Smith

5 yo · McDonough

13th USA and 1st Georgia ranking in the 5-14 years old’s contest which ended 8 months ago.
Prizes won: $150 + 1000 votes

Ailayah is 5 years old and suffers from autism. However you would never know it Ailayah is the smartest, most loving beautiful and energetic little girl you will ever meet.♥️ She is so caring and loves to take care of everyone. Ailayah spends most of her free time dancing ,to be 5 years old she defi...



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Jakia L.
Jakia L. How do I vote
Rickeyshia S.
Rickeyshia S. Omgosh hope you win fasho you deserve it babygirl 😍‼️
Rickeyshia S.
Rickeyshia S. Your are so adorable 😍.
Caro N. L.
Caro N. L. She is adoreable! Don't let the word define you.
Keira B.
Keira B. Awwee you'reso cute! I gope you win and wish you and your family the best!🥰😌🤗My Tik Tok: @puuurrddyyyyy
Jenna P.
Jenna P. Im gonna wait every 10 mins to vote for you! I really hope you win!!! My tiktok username is: jennaashley2009 I follow your aunt and shes the reason im gonna vote
Sam S.
Sam S. Hi im from tiktok you r cute and adorable and i hope you win
Lulu L.
Lulu L. Hi I came from tiktok and i hope you win😁
Kloe M.
Kloe M. Hi ailayah i am from tiktok and i want too say good luck i am rooting for you ❤ love u
Lill L.
Lill L. Hi I’m from tik tok voted for ya
Krystal C.
Krystal C. Hey Ailayah! I am from tiktok! All I wanna say is that we all are rooting for you and we hope you win! Have a great sleep😁
Howdy H.
Howdy H. Hi ailayah! I'm here from tiktok. good luck!!
Jenna P.
Jenna P. Hi Ailayah! Your aunt sent me from tiktok!! I hope you win im routing for you. Even if you dont win i onow you tied your hardest!!
Angelica C.
Angelica C. Will you like to exchange vote 10/10 per day go to my profile and let me now Yaretzi
Vanessa G.
Vanessa G. Échanges with. Zayane
Shaquea C.
Shaquea C. She is Beautiful