Genevieve - Child Beauty Pageant
Head, Purple, Mythical Creature, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Human Body, Sleeve, Ear, Pink, Violet, Costume Hat, Headgear, Toddler, Baby, Magenta, Headband, Headpiece, Child, Furry friends, Event, Hair Accessory


7 months · Rochester

394th USA and 18th New York ranking in the 0-4 years old’s contest which ended a month ago.

Hello! My name is Genevieve. I love bright colorful lights and spending my lazy days with mommy watching Curious George! Please vote for me! Thank you ❤️



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Carrie Ann S.
Carrie Ann S. My Granddaughter is my world. Even if you're sad or not in a good mood, you look at her and the smiles she always gives brightens your day. She was only 5lbs 2oz when she was born, (basically a preemie). Now her pediatrician said she's very advanced for her age. She loves bouncing in her bouncer and her Oma (me) humming Silent Night to her. I love her so very much. She's very special, in more ways than one.
Emt Monica Ogwin
Emt Monica Ogwin Please exchange votes for Neveah