Ailah - Child Beauty Pageant
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9 months · Youngstown

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My name is Ailah! I love my mommy and my puppies! I like to talk to whoever listens. I smile and laugh at my mommy when I wake her up in the middle of the night! My favorite toy is my teething banana and my little elephant! Rolling over is so much fun! I love when people sing the ABC’s to me, I sing...



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Kev V.
Kev V. Trade votes she is adorable
Delphine R.
Delphine R. Please 🙏 10/10 of Pretty thank you for pretty. Hello 🇫🇷😇
Virginie P.
Virginie P. Hi amber would you like to exchange 10 or 60 a day with jedai we can vote untill end of your contest April 15th. Can you answer on the wall of jedai. I give the link of jedai please thanks you so much sweetie ⭐ 🥰 we wait your answer 🍀⭐❤️
Faith W. S.
Faith W. S.
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