Abella - Child Beauty Pageant
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6 months · Battle Mountain

6th USA and 1st Nevada ranking in the 0-4 years old’s contest which ended 2 months ago.
Prizes won: $300 + 2000 votes

Abella is my youngest of two, she has a twin sister named Abreka. Her personality is one of a very smart and outgoing baby, her smile lights up a room and she is the most beautiful baby ever.



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Marcus J.
Marcus J. If y’all can please vote for my baby ! Natalia
Alicia P.
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Alicia P.
Alicia P. +10 jan 30 Smash
Alicia P.
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Alicia P.
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Abigail A.
Abigail A. Keep voting! She deserves this 🥰
Angeline F. J.
Angeline F. J. Beautiful
Albert H.
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Marcelle O.
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Albert H.
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Albert H.
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Krystyne C.
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Yunggiggz Okay
Vanessa G.
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Michelle N.
Michelle N. 10/10 daily with Ellie Rae ?
Ashley B.
Ashley B. 10/10 daily? Diesel
Alaina B. T.
Alaina B. T. Congrats they are so adorable
Ashley B.
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Christina K.
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