Child, Face, Nose, Head, Cheek, Skin, Baby, Forehead, Eyes, Toddler, Mouth, Hand, Headgear, Photography, Smile, Bedtime, Person, Headwear


3 yo · Scottsdale

90th USA and 3rd Arizona ranking in the 0-4 years old's contest which ended 3 years ago.
Prizes won: $150 + 400 votes
156 €

Ruby Rose is the youngest to three other siblings. She has the face that just lights up the room. every little talk or look she gets at her, she smiles the biggest and it just warms your heart.. She is my miracle baby. She has absence of the corpus callosum ( acc) (look up if u want to know what it ...



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Child, Face, Nose, Head, Cheek, Skin, Baby, Forehead, Eyes, Toddler, Mouth, Hand, Headgear, Photography, Smile, Bedtime, Person, Headwear
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