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Hair, Mouth, Lip, Cheek, Brown, Hairstyle, Eyes, Chin, Forehead, Eyebrow, Eyelash, Jaw, Beauty, Iris, Long Hair, Black Hair, Neck, Cool, Person, Joy


6 yo · Clark

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Sweetheart! She loves Lol Surprise dolls & Hatchimals! She loves playing with her Barbies & our puppy Sierra 🐕🐾 She loves school & is very smart! She loves to sing & dance & have her picture taken! She loves her friends & family ❤😍❤ She loves playing with our parrot Elvis to! 🐦



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Corinne M.
Corinne M. Hello, would you be interested in an advance of votes to return to me in April for my future competition Mouss I will vote you until the end of your contest and depending on what has been done you will give it back to me in votes or as a bonus in April. I await your positive or negative response on the wall of Mouss I wish you a good day ..
Deanna M.
Deanna M. Yes please
Michelle M.
Michelle M. Yes All Votes are greatly appreciated!! For my fur baby Chester, I will Vote back!!Even if you can vote 10 a day or just 1 time it helps!! Chester
Victoria S.
Victoria S. Hello, would you accept advanced votes? Thanks for answer 🐱Guimauve
Patrycja K.
Patrycja K. 10 for 10 daily? 🙂 Lilly 🍀🌞
Patrycja K.
Patrycja K. 5 votes in 🙂
Patrycja K.
Patrycja K. 8 votes in 😊🤷‍♀️💕💐🍀
Reina S.
Reina S. Hello i was wondering if you were able to recieve your prize or put your info to recieve your prize from last contest ? It keeps telling me under construction and wanted to see if anyone else this is happpening to ?
Ana G.
Ana G. Alynne Exchange votes please
Choupa C.
Choupa C. Hello, do you want an advance, 10 or 20 per day, return end of january for Madie
Paula P.
Paula P. Will trade Votes if interested
Lebeau P.
Lebeau P. Coucou Kitty échange de 10 votes par jour sa vous dit répondre sur le lien de kitty merciiii
Jennifer S.
Jennifer S. Kason would you be interested in a vote advance to return in my june contest? If yes please reply on my wall with how many💜
Deanna M.
Deanna M. Yes please
Maeva B.
Maeva B. Hello, I am participating in the contest with stray cats un France... I am the only one to take care of them. Some are sick and need treatment. I count on this competition to be able to bring them a better life. Contest ends in 2 days .. and I really need help please. Thank you and good competition. Gatito Et Cie
Monique Z.
Monique Z. Hello Deanna exchange Panga
Martine.roze +10 le 28/11 échange please 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Hair, Mouth, Lip, Cheek, Brown, Hairstyle, Eyes, Chin, Forehead, Eyebrow, Eyelash, Jaw, Beauty, Iris, Long Hair, Black Hair, Neck, Cool, Person, Joy
Dog, Canidae, Companion dog, Puppy, Skin, Morkie, Puppy love, Dog breed, Eyes, Ear, Carnivore, Maltepoo, Selfie, Child, Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Dog, Person, Joy
Plastic, Person, Joy
Head, Child, Sleep, Leg, Baby, Comfort, Textile, Nap, Toddler, Furniture, Bedtime, Birth, Person, Joy
Plastic, Person, Joy
Blue, Fun, Footwear, Leg, Electric Blue, Shoe, Fictional Character, Person
Person, Joy
Blue, Pink, Purple, Fun, Black Hair, Smile, Child, Person, Joy
Pink, Tree, Plant, Crochet, Flower, Person, Joy
Pink, Shoulder, Joint, Tattoo, Temporary Tattoo, Arm, Cool, Abdomen, Flower, Neck, Human Body, Plant, Butterfly, Ear, Hand, Trunk, Fashion Accessory, Back, Chest, Flesh, Person
Fun, Person, Joy
Head, Canidae, Selfie, Non-sporting Group, Fawn, Drawing, Person, Joy
Pink, Child, Room, Baby, Sleep, Birth, Toddler, Selfie, Nap, Person, Joy
Child, Pink, Skin, Toddler, Mouth, Baby, Ear, Person
Face, Tooth, Facial Expression, Smile, Cheek, Head, Eyebrow, Skin, Child, Lip, Nose, Pink, Chin, Mouth, Fun, Forehead, Eyes, Iris, Tongue, Person, Joy
Light, Fun, Cool, Child, Selfie, Photography, Electronic Device, Cloud, Night, Person, Joy
Leg, Thigh, Fun, Mouth, Human Leg, Flesh, Person, Joy
Pink, Arm, Material Property, Flesh, Reading, Glasses, Child, Person
Fun, Child, Toddler, Happy, Person, Joy, Headwear
Clothing, Pink, Costume, Outerwear, Textile, Dress, Magenta, Person, Joy
Child, Blue, Baby Products, Toddler, Orange, Baby, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Electric Blue, Smile, Person, Joy, Headwear
Arm, Person, Joy, Headwear
Pink, Person, Joy
Arm, Pink, Neck, Tattoo, Selfie, Flesh, Person, Joy
Horse, Mare, Mane, Stallion, Pack Animal, Horse Tack, Person, Joy
Pink, Child, Person, Joy
Cat, Felidae, Small To Medium-sized Cats, Pink, Sitting, Eyes, Iris, Lap, Carnivore, Asian dog, Child, Whiskers, Kitten, Person, Joy
Plastic, Person, Joy