Zaniyah - Child Beauty Pageant
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8 yo · Athens

Currently winning:
1000 votes
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Misti J.
Pamela S.
Shay W.
Lodiiee S.
Matias C.

Her name is Zaniyah, she goes by Nyny! Very smart and outgoing. And loves to dance and watch jojo siwa videos.



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Sharon S.
Sharon S. Vote exchange? Skylar
Miszzrenee Good luck shay and nyny❤🥰❤
Lashawn G.
Lashawn G. Love u nyny
Shay W.
Shay W. She said she love you to
Brandy L.
Brandy L. Congratulations!! Good luck 2 u...
Shay W.
Shay W. Thank you ❤️❤️
Nicole O.
Nicole O. An you help my daughter
Cassandra H.
Cassandra H. Hi there. I can do 10 votes per day in exchange for 10 votes a day for my grandbaby Khaliya
Shay W.
Shay W. Okay let’s do that
Cassandra H.
Cassandra H. starting now
Marie G.
Marie G. Hello do you want exchange 10votes daily with Pandora
Nikki B.
Nikki B. Congratulations Ny Ny!! You got this! We going to keep voting..❤
Lionel S.
Lionel S. Congratulations
Wakanda Q.
Wakanda Q. 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Shay W.
Shay W. vote for my baby ❤️
Lashawn H.
Lashawn H. 🥰😍❤
Shay W.
Shay W. ❤️
Ninaross D. R.
Ninaross D. R. Such a sweet little princess
Shay W.
Shay W. Thank you auntie go vote for my baby 😍
Teetee R.
Teetee R. Little beauty!
Shay W.
Shay W. Thank you 😍
Lashawn G.
Lashawn G. Go nyny
Shay W.
Shay W. Yesss 😍