Londynn - Child Beauty Pageant
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22 months · Beavercreek

83rd USA and 5th Ohio ranking in the 0-4 years old’s contest which ended 5 months ago.
Prize won: 400 votes

My little Londynn is sweet, beautiful, fiesty, and such a wonderful little girl. Her personality is playful and outgoing. She is such a BLESSING.



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Naomi G.
Naomi G. She truly is beautiful Ash
Ashley B.
Ashley B. Thank you. I miss you so mu h.
Breezy G.
Breezy G. My little mini me 🥺 London’s so gorgeous! 💘
Barb G.
Barb G. Nanas Beautiful Little Princess..I Love You to the moon and Back..💖💖💖
Deana G.
Deana G. Mawmaw loves you Londynn
Ashley B.
Ashley B. Mommy's BEAUTIFUL lil angel