Olive - Child Beauty Pageant
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9 months · Oxford

87th USA and 3rd Alabama ranking in the 0-4 years old’s contest which ended 3 months ago.
Prize won: 1400 votes

Olive is a sweet smiley baby who loves the Noodle Song from Word Party and her mommy and daddy🖤 Although she may like the song a little more 😅 She has a big sister who watches her from heaven but she spends a lot of her nights and rides in the car talking to her. 🥺🖤



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Jessica H.
Jessica H. @ID
Jamie W.
Jamie W. I voted! 💗
Amanda B.
Amanda B. The cutest baby ever!
Hina P.
Hina P. Omg so cute baby 💕💕💕💕💕
Michelle F.
Michelle F. My sweet baby
Mary Hayes H.
Mary Hayes H. Beautiful little princess 😘
Morgan T.
Morgan T. My beautiful niece ❤
Janice D.
Janice D. Such a beauty!!💕
Damian R.
Damian R. She’s the bestest