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Brilyn Alexis Drury

5 months · Jesup

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Brilyn is very happy cuddly baby loves watching winnie the pooh loves her minnie mouse toy and her book. She is rolling over pushing backward in her walker she giggles and loves everyone even her doggies. Just a precious angel



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Zonzon Picotine F.
Zonzon Picotine F. 10082 VOTED I CAN 10 EVERY DAY EXCHANGE?Petit Sourd
Lia B.
Lia B. Thank you
Carine D.
Carine D. Shana Et Luna Hello 🙂, would you accept an exchange with us? 10,20,50 .../day (or bonus) . Answer us on Shana's wall, please, thank you .
Lia B.
Lia B. Im not sure what your asking.
Ann B.
Ann B. Beautiful baby!! I can’t wait to see her!
Lia B.
Lia B. shes Ammas heart ❤