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Zalma Itzel Valencia

8 yo · Sharpsburg

2nd USA and 1st Georgia ranking in the 5-14 years old’s contest which ended 6 days ago.
Prizes won: $300 Cash + $150 Cash

Zalma is a very sweet little girl she has a kind heart and loves helping others. If she has 5 dollars the same she will give to anybody asking for help on the streets. Her say is " I don't need my money dad, mom I have toys already :). They don't but they will soon, right mommy ?. She is this lil gi...



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Kate B.
Kate B. Can you help me want to exchange 10?
Jessica A.
Jessica A. Exvhange votes?
Jocabed N.
Jocabed N. exchange votes !!
Figuras A.
Figuras A. Exchange votes?10/50/100 Kokeshi
Jo L.
Jo L. Échange de votes avec Camélia 10 ou 20 votes par jours?
Adriana A.
Adriana A. Ok, how I'm new and don't know how to do that
Tiffany T.
Tiffany T. You vote for them and they vote for you. If you have more than one account you can exchange 10 votes per account.
Tiffany T.
Tiffany T. Exchange votes? I can do 10 or 20 a day. Let me know on my wall. Riah
Luis O.
Luis O. Te interesa adelanto de votaciones a regresar en enero a Valentina