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14 yo · Columbus

9th USA and 1st Ohio ranking in the 5-14 years old’s contest which ended 7 days ago.
Prizes won: $50 Cash + $150 Cash

Ciara Renee' talk about a child with a heart of gold! Ciara is a Freshman this year at Briggs Highschool participating in Volleyball and carring a 4.0 grade point average going into her freshman year! Ciara has such a contagious smile to go with her upbeat personality, she would love your vote.



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Jessica A.
Jessica A. Exchange votes?
Amanda N.
Amanda N. 9/7 done
Amanda N.
Amanda N. 9/5 done
Na N.
Na N. bonjour un échange de vote avec Isaline vous intéresse?? 10 ou 20 venez donner votre réponse svp, merci
Amanda N.
Amanda N. 9/4 done
Marsha C.
Marsha C. My beautiful granddaughter, a heart of gold, she blesses me.
Emma H.
Emma H. you got this honey!!!!!!!!! xoxo
Amanda N.
Amanda N. Hi would you like to exchange votes
Nikkie C. P.
Nikkie C. P. I gave your beauty a vote!!🥰
Amanda N.
Amanda N. Thank you I’ll start voting for your daughter she a beautiful young lady
Nikkie C. P.
Nikkie C. P. Thank you she makes Daddy and Mommy proud, she has that ol soul and a heart to back it!!
Nikkie C. P.
Nikkie C. P. Your daughter is very pretty to looks like she has a some personality herself!!
Amanda N.
Amanda N. Does she that always great and yeah she definitely does have one already .
Amanda N.
Amanda N. Done