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8 yo · Auburn

8th USA and 1st New York ranking in the 5-14 years old’s contest which ended 5 days ago.
Prizes won: $50 Cash + $150 Cash

Brielle likes to be the center of attention, cheerleading, dancing, tik tok, creating videos. She is adventurous and not afraid of anything. She likes to fish and will even take off her own fish. This girls gonna take on the WORLD!!



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Sabrina B.
Sabrina B. Thank you all for your support!!
Annmarie E.
Annmarie E. I'm so proud of u I love u bunches h
Jo L.
Jo L. Échange de votes avec Camélia 10 ou 20 votes par jours?
Tammy B.
Tammy B. Good luck Brielle.. fathead loves you...
Aléanis I.
Aléanis I. bonjour un échange avec Isaline vous intéresse?? 10 ou 20 par jour sérieusement venez répondre svp même si c'est négatif merci
Jennifer O.
Jennifer O. Been voting good luck!!!!!!!!!!!🍀
Charlotte S.
Charlotte S. Voted, good luck!!!
Annmarie E.
Annmarie E. Come on sweetie grama loves u
Kay G.
Kay G. Good luck Sweetie u got this 💯❤💜
Sabrina B.
Sabrina B. Thank you all for your support... Brielle is so excited!