Josie Jacqueline - Child Beauty Pageant
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Josie Jacqueline

4 yo · Gadsden

Currently winning:
$300 + 2000 votes
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Haley L.

Josefina Jacqueline Salgado , is Mexican-American. She loves dancing, singing & gymnastics ! She also loves competing in beauty pageants . She has received 2nd runner in the Sunburst pageant. She loves barbies and is always happy 😃



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Stéphanie B.
Stéphanie B. Echange de 10 votes par jours avecChipie
Stéphanie B.
Stéphanie B. 10 le 7.04
Stéphanie B.
Stéphanie B. 10 le 8.04
Stéphanie B.
Stéphanie B. 10 le 9.04
Shannon L.
Shannon L. Beautiful inside and out !! Precious child !
Vanessa G.
Vanessa G. Échange with. Zayane
Madison S.
Madison S. Yes. I just did my vote.
Victoria S.
Victoria S. Hello, would you accept advanced votes to be returned on my next contest started on 8th of April? Thanks for answer Guimauve
Mélanie P.
Mélanie P. ❤🍼🦄 Lyana : echange (exchange) , avances de vote (advance vote) or Bonus ? merci a vous (thankks) 🦄🍼❤ Lyana
Lauren H.
Lauren H. //Baby Josefina is a phenomenon ! Also known as Josie, she is the most sweetest young toddler. With a winning, natural charisma & heart of GOLD! josie is a winner by heart. With or without winning the competition she is a true PRINCESS IN OUR HEARTS. She is always smiling and always willing to hand out a hug to any stranger because she does not meet a stranger. This sweet girl deserves this Title.