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Child, Facial Expression, Baby, Skin, Toddler, Cheek, Smile, Person, Joy

Evelyn Rose

13 months · Flushing

992nd USA and 36th Michigan ranking in the 0-4 years old’s contest which ended 25 days ago.

Evelyn is a very happy baby who loves playing with her stuffed animals and playing with her piano. Evelyn is also a very talkative baby, but she’s also probably the most content baby you’ll ever meet! She is full of sweet love and cute smiles❤️



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Jen W.
Jen W. Just adorable
Cathy L. L.
Cathy L. L. Shes a happy baby❤
Mark A.
Mark A. What a Cutie!!!!🥰
Child, Facial Expression, Baby, Skin, Toddler, Cheek, Smile, Person, Joy
Child, Toddler, Play, Pink, Sitting, Vacation, Comfort, Baby, Person
Tree, Leg, Grass, Plant, Child, Vacation, Person, Headwear
Child, Pink, Toddler, Clothing, Skin, Dress, Beauty, Grass, Yellow, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Pattern, Design, Summer, Textile, Child Model, Photography, Baby, Play, Plant, Person
Child, Toddler, Pink, Play, Skin, Baby, Beauty, Crawling, Fun, Leg, Vacation, Smile, Sitting, Finger, Carpet, Person, Joy
Child, Face, Pink, Skin, Toddler, Facial Expression, Baby, Purple, Head, Beauty, Cheek, Smile, Lip, Dress, Eyes, Sitting, Textile, Magenta, Happy, Child Model, Person, Joy
Child, Skin, Bathing, Bathtub, Toddler, Baby, Washing, Room, Baby Bathing, Person
Child, Skin, Face, Facial Expression, Toddler, Baby, Head, Smile, Beauty, Nose, Fun, Eyes, Vacation, Mouth, Bathing, Finger, Iris, Play, Tooth, Person
Child, Toddler, Pink, Skin, Baby, Smile, Fun, Play, Sitting, Bathing, Finger, Person, Joy
Child, Face, Baby, Facial Expression, Skin, Toddler, Smile, Cheek, Baby Bathing, Bathing, Fun, Laugh, Happy, Baby Laughing, Washing, Person, Joy
Child, Face, Skin, Baby, Head, Cheek, Toddler, Nose, Chin, Eyes, Iris, Smile, Person, Joy
Child, Toddler, Play, Eating, Hand, Vacation, Baby, Food, Smile, Person
Swing, Child, Pink, Outdoor Play Equipment, Playground, Public Space, Fun, Play, Toddler, Summer, Grass, Recreation, Vacation, Leisure, Smile, Magenta, Baby, Person
Child, Pink, Clothing, Toddler, Grass, Dress, Beauty, Summer, Spring, Fun, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Child Model, Play, Happy, Sitting, Photography, Baby, Pattern, Plant, Meadow, Person
Child, Yellow, Play, Toddler, Fun, Public Space, Outdoor Play Equipment, Playground, Recreation, Smile, Baby, Plant, Happy, Leisure, Games, Person
Child, Face, Baby, Skin, Toddler, Cheek, Person
Child, Facial Expression, Skin, Baby, Smile, Toddler, Stomach, Muscle, Photography, Finger, Sitting, Abdomen, Person, Joy
Child, Yellow, Toddler, Play, Fun, Outdoor Play Equipment, Skin, Public Space, Playground Slide, Playground, Grass, Summer, Recreation, Smile, Baby, Leisure, Plant, Photography, Happy, Vacation, Person
Child, Facial Expression, Baby, Skin, Toddler, Cheek, Smile, Person, Joy
Child, Face, Facial Expression, Toddler, Head, Cheek, Fun, Yawn, Smile, Tongue, Shout, Baby, Mouth, Laugh, Happy, Gesture, Tooth, Baby Laughing, Person
Child, Toddler, Play, Baby, Toy, Person, Joy
Child, Dishware, Toddler, Plate, Food, Person, Joy
Child, Skin, Toddler, Blond, Child Model, Dress, Sitting, Smile, Photography, Baby, Person, Joy
Child, Face, Toddler, Skin, Baby, Pink, Beauty, Cheek, Nose, Chin, Eyes, Lip, Sitting, Fun, Happy, Vacation, Smile, Leisure, Play, Person
Child, Sky, Toddler, Play, Morning, Vacation, Fun, Tree, Sunlight, Leg, Sitting, Grass, Sunset, Smile, Leisure, Photography, Recreation, Crawling, Person, Joy
Stuffed Toy, Toy, Teddy Bear, Plush, Child, Toddler, Room, Textile, Doll, Play, Person
Pumpkin, Winter Squash, Calabaza, Cucurbita, Gourd, Vegetable, Squash, Orange, Toddler, Child, Plant, Cucumber, Gourd, And Melon Family, Fruit, Person
Cat, Felidae, Small To Medium-sized Cats, Child, Skin, Whiskers, Nose, Ear, Carnivore, European Shorthair, Blond, Tabby cat, Eyes, Play, Furry friends, Toddler, Asian dog, Sand, Kitten, Fawn, Person
People In Nature, Child, Meadow, Grass, Yellow, Spring, Toddler, Flower, Wildflower, Sky, Plant, Happy, Grassland, Fun, Smile, Prairie, Play, Dandelion, Field, Person
People In Nature, Yellow, Child, Meadow, Flower, Spring, Grass, Toddler, Wildflower, Plant, Dandelion, Botany, Dandelion, Happy, Grassland, Outerwear, Smile, Prairie, Pollen, Person, Headwear
Child, Face, Hair, Skin, Toddler, Facial Expression, Baby, People, Head, Beauty, Cheek, Nose, Smile, Eyes, Lip, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Iris, Outerwear, Ear, Sitting, Person, Joy
Child, Toddler, Skin, Baby, Outerwear, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Design, Textile, Pattern, Room, Dress, Smile, Sleeve, Play, Wool, T-shirt, Furry friends, Sitting, Person, Joy
Child, Toddler, Furry friends, Skin, Baby, Wool, Textile, Play, Outerwear, Room, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Fawn, Person, Joy
Child, Toddler, Skin, Furry friends, Baby, Textile, Play, Room, Smile, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Fawn, Wool, Person, Joy
Child, Face, Toddler, People, Skin, Baby, Furry friends, Play, Outerwear, Room, Smile, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Dress, Wool, Vacation, Teddy Bear, Sibling, Family, Person, Joy
Child, Face, Hair, Toddler, People, Skin, Head, Nose, Blond, Play, Cheek, Baby, Smile, Eyes, T-shirt, Fun, Grass, Iris, Ear, Sitting, Person, Joy
Child, Grass, Toddler, Lawn, Leaf, Baby, Plant, Play, Yard, Person
Child, Toddler, Grass, Leaf, Play, Baby, Lawn, Fun, Meadow, Plant, Finger, Person
Child, Face, Hair, Toddler, Skin, Facial Expression, Head, Baby, Beauty, Nose, Cheek, Standing, Sitting, Smile, Eyes, Arm, Leg, Lip, Cool, Play, Person
Child, Face, Toddler, Skin, Head, Baby, Standing, Cheek, Leg, Sitting, Eyes, Arm, Smile, Footwear, Room, Shoe, Play, Person
Child, Hair, Grass, Toddler, Pink, Skin, Hairstyle, Lawn, Leaf, Spring, Summer, Fun, Play, Baby, Plant, Dress, Garden, Person
Child, Baby, Toddler, Skin, Cheek, Sitting, Play, Smile, Person
Child, White, Face, Toddler, Black, Photograph, Facial Expression, People, Black-and-white, Skin, Head, Baby, Standing, Beauty, Monochrome, Hairstyle, Smile, Eyes, Black & White, Person
Easter, Easter Egg, Child, Easter Bunny, Balloon, Toddler, Ear, Toy, Baby Toys, Holiday, Food, Play, Person
Easter, Easter Bunny, Easter Egg, Food, Sweetness, Ear, Holiday, Toy, Child, Person
Child, Face, Toddler, Skin, Facial Expression, People, Head, Smile, Baby, Play, Fun, Sitting, Summer, Leg, Footwear, Dress, Vacation, Pattern, Person
Child, Toddler, Skin, Play, Baby, Baby Toys, Fun, Baby Playing With Toys, Toy, Baby Products, Person, Joy
Child, Face, Toddler, Facial Expression, Skin, People, Head, Pink, Smile, Purple, Beauty, Cheek, Eyes, Baby, Play, Fun, Dress, Blond, Footwear, Person
Child, Face, Facial Expression, Baby, Head, Skin, Nose, Toddler, Cheek, Chin, Forehead, Fun, Smile, Mouth, Sitting, Person
Child, Headgear, Knit Cap, Toddler, Knitting, Wool, Cap, Bonnet, Baby, Beanie, Crochet, Play, Person, Headwear
Child, Bathing, Baby Bathing, Face, Skin, Bathtub, Eyebrow, Baby, Head, Toddler, Forehead, Nose, Cheek, Fun, Eyes, Smile, Washing, Neck, Plumbing Fixture, Leisure, Person, Joy
Face, Child, Skin, Nose, Beauty, Cheek, Lip, Sleep, Forehead, Bedtime, Baby, Hand, Mouth, Nap, Eyelash, Finger, Toddler, Nail, Person
Child, Face, Hair, Cheek, Nose, Skin, Lip, Baby, Toddler, Head, Eyebrow, Eyes, Beauty, Pink, Chin, Forehead, Iris, Close-up, Mouth, Person
Child, Face, Cheek, Baby, Skin, Nose, Lip, Facial Expression, Pink, Toddler, Head, Smile, Beauty, Baby Making Funny Faces, Chin, Eyes, Eyebrow, Finger, Hand, Mouth, Person, Joy
Child, Toddler, Play, Skin, Toy, Baby, Fun, Baby Toys, Sitting, Baby Products, Smile, Person
Child, Face, Cheek, Skin, Pink, Nose, Toddler, Baby, Doll, Person, Joy
Child, Face, Cheek, Facial Expression, Toddler, Skin, Nose, Head, Chin, Baby, Smile, Sitting, Child Model, Outerwear, Portrait, Sleeve, Portrait Photography, Person
Child, Baby, Face, Cheek, Nose, Skin, Toddler, Head, Lip, Forehead, Eyes, Chin, Mouth, Iris, Smile, Brown Hair, Person
Child, Toddler, Yellow, Baby, Skin, Cheek, Headgear, Toy, Child Model, Furry friends, Fawn, Ear, Person, Headwear
Child, Toddler, Baby, Yellow, Skin, Cheek, Sleeve, Ear, Person
Child, Cheek, Pink, Skin, Toddler, Nose, Finger, Baby, Lip, Mouth, Headgear, Nail, Hand, Hair Accessory, Thumb, Person
Child, Face, Baby, Toddler, Skin, Cheek, Head, Nose, Eyes, Sitting, Finger, Person
Child, Face, Hair, Skin, Cheek, Facial Expression, Lip, Toddler, Nose, Baby, Head, Eyebrow, Chin, Forehead, Eyes, Beauty, Smile, Iris, Mouth, Person, Joy
Yellow, Child, Skin, Toy, Toddler, Furry friends, Doll, Headgear, Baby, Costume, Person, Headwear
Child, Face, Skin, Cheek, Head, Nose, Lip, Baby, Eyes, Forehead, Toddler, Mouth, Ear, Neck, Smile, Person, Joy
Child, Toddler, Nail, Finger, Eating, Play, Smile, Thumb, Baby, Person, Joy
Child, Toddler, Yellow, Baby, Head, Skin, Cheek, Headgear, Ear, Toy, Fawn, Person, Headwear
Child, Baby, Facial Expression, Skin, Cheek, Toddler, Nose, Smile, Bedtime, Baby Sleeping, Sleep, Person
Child, Toddler, Pink, Cheek, Skin, Baby, Beauty, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Eyes, Lip, Cool, Child Model, Smile, T-shirt, Pattern, Sitting, Sleeve, Person
Child, Furry friends, Toddler, Skin, Baby, Tree, Fawn, Costume, Person
Child, Toddler, Pink, Baby, Skin, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Sitting, Baby Products, Smile, Person
Child, Toddler, Baby, Pink, Dress, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Furry friends, Outerwear, Headgear, Costume, Costume Accessory, Smile, Fashion Accessory, Baby Products, Person
Child, Baby, Pink, Skin, Toddler, Cheek, Baby & Toddler Clothing, Hair Accessory, Eyes, Headgear, Costume Accessory, Costume, Baby Bloomers, Furry friends, Fashion Accessory, Baby Products, Person, Headwear
Child, Baby, Face, Facial Expression, Nose, Skin, Cheek, Bedtime, Lip, Mouth, Toddler, Smile, Sleep, Nap, Person, Joy
Child, Face, Skin, Cheek, Baby, Head, Forehead, Lip, Nose, Eyes, Close-up, Toddler, Iris, Chest, Mouth, Muscle, Trunk, Abdomen, Stomach, Person
Child, Baby, Skin, Toddler, Sleep, Nap, Bedtime, Birth
Child, Face, Baby, Skin, Cheek, Nose, Head, Chin, Close-up, Muscle, Lip, Eyes, Toddler, Forehead, Mouth, Photography, Neck, Chest, Baby Making Funny Faces, Person
Child, Christmas, Furry friends, Baby, Fictional Character, Headgear, Toddler, Holiday, Person, Headwear
Red, Child, Toddler, Pink, Baby, Textile, Pajamas, Sleep, Linens, Sleeve, Bedding, Person
Child, Face, Skin, Furry friends, Head, Cheek, Baby, Pink, Lip, Toddler, Fur Clothing, Wool, Eyes, Headgear, Outerwear, Smile, Knit Cap, Cap, Christmas, Hat, Person
Child, Baby, Skin, Cheek, Bedtime, Toddler, Room, Furniture, Comfort, Person
Child, Baby, Furry friends, Sleep, Toddler, Fawn
Child, Toddler, Skin, Baby, Cheek, Smile, Daughter, Person, Joy