Photograph, Tree, Woodland, Leaf, Pink, Forest, Fun, Woody Plant, Spring, Grove, Swing, Plant, Grass, State Park, Leisure, Photography, Sunlight, Recreation, Play, Vacation, Person, Joy, Headwear


5 yo · Farmington Hills


Avishka’s happy go lucky girl.she makes everyone happy with her smile.she’s very adorable😘



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Ramya K.
Ramya K. So cute.....
Jackie K.
Jackie K. Trade 10/10 votes with ?
Rina G.
Rina G. Ok I voted
Awadhesh Kumar G.
Awadhesh Kumar G. Best wishes
Akkin P.
Akkin P. My best wishes to Avishka👍
Reena G.
Reena G. Soo cute
Photograph, Tree, Woodland, Leaf, Pink, Forest, Fun, Woody Plant, Spring, Grove, Swing, Plant, Grass, State Park, Leisure, Photography, Sunlight, Recreation, Play, Vacation, Person, Joy, Headwear
Swing, Grass, Tree, Lawn, Fun, Recreation, Plant, Vehicle, Park, Vacation, Car, Person
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Tree, Fun, Plant, Person, Joy
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Tree, Plant, Person, Joy
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Tree, Plant, Leisure, Person, Joy
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Tree, Fun, Grass, Photography, Plant, Rock, Person, Joy, Headwear
Fun, Design, Tree, Vehicle, Plant, Pattern, Vacation, Happy, Travel, Person, Joy, Headwear
Red, Fun, Tree, Sidewalk, Person, Joy, Headwear
Tradition, Design, Child Model, Child, Ceremony, Pattern, Fashion Accessory, Smile, Person, Joy
Pink, Smile, Child, Tradition, Fun, Event, Magenta, Long Hair, Festival, Person, Joy
Tree, Pink, Fun, Plant, Leisure, Person, Joy
Magenta, Person, Joy
Pink, Green, Magenta, Tree, Adaptation, Textile, Plant, Tints And Shades, Person, Joy
Pink, Tree, Yellow, Spring, Magenta, Fun, Plant, Trunk, Person, Joy
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Child, Cool, Skin, Cheek, Forehead, Arm, Design, Pattern, Finger, Hand, Mouth, Fun, Tattoo, Nail, Toddler, Smile, Happy, Neck, Baby, Thumb, Person, Joy
Pink, Green, Tree, Leaf, Plant, Spring, Wood, Textile, Magenta, Flower, Trunk, Fawn, Person, Joy
Pink, Water, Tree, Leaf, Fun, Wood, Grass, Adaptation, Plant, Child, Happy, Tints And Shades, Flower, Person, Joy
Child, Pink, Grass, Tree, Adaptation, Plant, Yard, Fawn, Shoe, Toddler, Person, Joy
Balloon, Person, Joy
Pink, Fun, Textile, Child, Black Hair, Leisure, Smile, Person, Joy
Pink, Vehicle, Grass, Tree, Bicycle, Fun, Recreation, Cycling, Leisure, Photography, Plant, Bicycle Accessory, Mountain Bike, Wheel, Sports Equipment, Person, Joy, Headwear
Blue, Cheek, Cool, Nose, Lip, Arm, Eyes, Mouth, Photography, Child, Smile, Eyelash, Selfie, Neck, Glasses, Black Hair, Ear, Person, Joy
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Child, Costume, Toddler, Person, Headwear