Popular FAQ

To participate in a contest, please complete the following steps:

  1. First, connect to the site by clicking the "Connect with Facebook" button in upper right-hand corner.

  2. Select the "Contests" category from the menu then select the contest of your choice.

  3. Finally, click on the "Participate" button.

For the time being, we don't have any alternative solutions connecting to Little Miss Beauty besides doing so through Facebook.

You can create a Facebook account in only a few short minutes, and you’ll then be able to use Little Miss Beauty.

Little Miss Beauty is a free website, and no user will ever have to pay to use the website. However, you have the possibility to purchase bonuses which can be used to obtain votes.

If you choose to use Little Miss Beauty from a mobile device, please note that you are responsible for any costs associated with the use of internet and/or text messages, according to the terms of your service provider.

To create a profile for your child:

  1. You must first be connected by clicking the "Connect with Facebook" button in the upper right-hand side of the menu.

  2. Click your name in the menu and select "Add another child”.

Your child will automatically be entered in the appropriate contest.

If your child is participating in a contest, he or she might be selected by our team to appear on our Facebook page 😉

However, we receive thousands of photos every day, so unfortunately, it’s impossible to publish all of them on our Facebook page 😞