Baby Stories - 39


My absolute bundle of joy! Anyone who knows her, knows she is always smiling. She loves her food, Bluey, and her elf doll ☺
Saelah is a pure joy and loves her mommy and daddy so much.
Jewel loves to be held and loves watching mama and daddy talk to her. She is our precious gift.
Paisley is the happiest baby! She loves to smile and loves her momma 💗
Zoei loves to dance and listen to music!! She loves to eat food and don’t get me started with blues clues! That’s her buddy! She’s such a loving happy girl who deserves the world!
This little spunky 3.5 month old is nothing but a giggly smiley ball of fire who loves to talk, dance, and smile.
She’s a very happy baby. She loves to smile, sit-up, and grab things.
Sassy little chicken 🐓 momma!
Clover is the happiest baby ever, she lights up the room with her smile🥰
Scetra has so much personality when She walks in to a room it just lights up with joy she is such a happy baby she love the camera smiling is what she does, she loves music and she loves to dance. She's a daddy's girls.
Rileigh is very outgoing she loves her family and loves being a sister to both of her brothers she loves hanging out with mommy and daddy and enjoys her tablet, movies, and popcorn she is very active and is always on the move very ambitious for sure thanks for voting and checking out our page
Janiya Scott
Janiya is a smart, sweet and pretty girl that loves dancing,shopping,and dressing up.I think you all should vote for her because she’s going to grow up and make some out of herself one day, her personality is so much more than just words, her actions shows all
Mariana is 2 and a half years old. She loves pizza and peppa pig.
Kori is 11 months. Happiest baby who loves to eat and play with her cousins and her big brother.
Kehlani is such a goofy and happy baby. She has always brung light to everyone around her 💗
Emma-jean is a loving and caring and such a friendly little girl who loves to make new friends and is all about helping people for a little girl she has a huge heart. Emma jean will bring the biggest smile to your face.
Hello, my name is Raegan. Mommy calls me stink or princess, daddy calls me boom boom. My favorite thing to do is watch and dance to bubble guppies. I love to pretend like I’m singing, if my mommy is not in my sight I will kick and scream until I find her. I love to eat everything and I sleep in mommy and daddy’s bed!
Hi this Melody Lynn Salt. She is 8 months old. She loves to play with her sister and 2 brothers. She loves it when u sing to her. She also has the biggest most beautiful smile you will ever see.
Caslynn is very advanced for a 1 year old . She loves to dance , sing & count to 5 🥰
Im Amilia but everyone calls me Millie! I love baby bum and cocomelon. Im the most intelegent 3 yr old you will ever meet. Im quite the delight to be around and Im extreamely entertaining. Vote 4 me
Miss Havah his a spunky little happy girl. She loves music, food and blues clues.
Please vote for Paris. All funds will go into Paris fund account! Paris is very playful. She is such a happy baby. She love to learn and do new things. All funds will be use towards Paris to participate in programs for child development and early learning.
Mila is the sweetest baby! She loves to talk and give that mischievous little smile! She continues to try and find her thumb! loves to take naps in her swing and loves her brother bean (the dog)!
Hi Im Kiyiah. I am always smiling and on the rare occassion Im not smiling its because my tongues out!! Im my mommys first mini and Im very loved. Vote for me and spread my contagious smile for all to see!!
Brooklynn is so smart, very outgoing and loves all people!
Maddie is a very happy baby, she loves Minne Mouse and baby shark. She love spending time with her brothers ❤️
Malorie is very outgoing. She loves people and waves to everyone and shows off her beautiful smile to everyone.
My name is Zoey, I love sipping on my milk, playing with toys with my mommy, cooing at my mom & dad, and I love everything Disney! Please vote for me! :)
Everleigh is 8 months old, she loves to crawl and play. She’s very LOUD and opinionated, but we wouldn’t have it any other way😉❤️
Hi! My name is Gracelyn but everyone calls me “Gracie”. I love to shop, watch YouTube and Dance on TikTok. My favorite color is yellow and I love PIZZA 🍕 😍
Only child. Kailani likes soothing music and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Hi! My Name Is Ava Mc'Kenzye But Everyone Calls Me Mamas🥰 Was Born 12/23/2020 And Have Been Loving Every Minute Of Being A Princess 👑 Daddy's Girl To The Fullest 🤞🏾💝 Please Vote For Me ☺️
Why vote for zoey? Because she's the cutest and deserves it❤❤ Her favorite show is fisher price and elmo and she LOVES frozen and trolls! She loves to giggle and goof around the majority of the day. Everyone go vote for my little girl She will be a year old in 6 weeks 😍😍
Amari's personality is bigger than life itself. She is an awesome big sister and she loves to sing and dance. In addition, Amari loves to take pictures and is always looking to make someone smile and laugh in any way possible.
Lillian is 11 months old she loves to be outside and play with her cats. She also loves her little brother
My Name Is Alaysia Nicole Wright And I Enjoy Doing My Mom And Grandma Hair.I Love Getting My Nails Polish And Watching Funny You Tube Videos On My Tablet .I Loves Dancing And Playing With My Siblings I’m The Youngest Everyone Has Me Spoil I Just Turn 3 December 28th Vote For Me Love Alaysia !!
Jhermanié is a very happy and silly baby that loves to be held and loves to laugh
Malia Irving
Malia is a very happy baby, and she loves her siblings. She really brings joy to our family
Hi I’m Azmarie 👋🏾. Mommas girl! Born to be a princess! A happy soul ; my mommy and daddy absolutely adore me. Mommy always wanted a daughter and here I am. The love of my parents life ❤️
She likes to sing and play princess with her dolls
3 month old biracial baby girl! Loves to laugh and smile. Loves the movie trolls! Is now learning how to roll over, hold her own bottle,and be more vocal ;)
She loves baby shark and gummie bear song,and she adores her bubba and sister she wakes up Happ y and goes to bed happy she is an amazing little girl who lights up everyone she meets.
She loves to dance, do cart wheels & model. Loves to play with her baby brother. Very loving and caring.
Elsa is the sweetest little thing. Her favorite animal is a "neigh neigh"!
Hello! Avyanna is the sweetest little thing around, she always knows how to put a smile on anyones face with her cute little laugh and goofy personality
I do modeling, I like to dance, sing, and act and love spending time with family