Atlee Blake
Atlee Blake loves playing with her older brothers , riding the 4 wheeler , and dancing her little heart out. She is silly and sweet and all things in between. We love our girl & are thankful for any votes we get!
Novalee is such a free spirit. She’s always so happy and trying to explore. She loves to play outside or watch Blippi. She’s so smart and gets smarter everyday! Novalee would love to get your vote.
Lakelee is such a happy baby. She loves to smile and try to talk to you! She’s alway alert and ready to go. She loves the outside.
Raelynn is 1 month and likes taking car rides. She also loves to use her voice and make as many noises as she can!
Kenzie is known as the “happiest baby on Earth”. She’s always smiling, loves her toys and her food, watching her older sisters dance and play soccer and clapping her hands and yelling “yeah!!!”. She’s the best. ❤️
Me is a pretty lady, very good, very poor. Money please.
Loves to dance, loves to sing, coloring is a hobby, she loves to swim. She is a fun wild child! 🥰
She loves cheez doodles and her baby dolls and she also loves music
Rylee MarieNichole is 6 months old. Loves to sit up and play with her elle the elephant and loves to smile and giggle at everything and everyone.
Na Ailah
Preemie baby born on New Years Day
Ari is a mover and a shaker! Also very vocal , especially in the morning ! You can always catch her smiling, wiggling, and talking up a storm. She loves her mama and dad💜
Addisyn is a super happy and smiley baby, she loves playing peekaboo, and loves being center of attention! She adores her mommy but is definitely a big daddy’s girl!
Charlotte is a little sister of 2 big brothers!! She is so active, always alert and on the go!! She has such a beautiful smile and always in a great mood!! There is no filter on here just her waking up from a nap!! She loves picking out her own outfit and does not like to wear shoes just yet! Charlotte is trying to walk before she crawls!! **Mommy and daddy love you so much**
Peyton is my sweet little wild child and the best big sister❤️
Raelynn is a super sweet loving little girl. she love to play with other kids and swimming. she loves her family and likes to meet new friends
Leneah loves to eat and play on her tablet. She loves to dance and sing and make funny faces, my little comedian.
This is Reagan Jane! She is a very ornery and sassy little gal. She loves eating chips and dancing to Elena of Avalor.
Maggie Jane
Maggie Jane loves peaches, lemons and music.
Kamryn is A Enthusiastic Energetic Little Person But Has A Very Big Heart ❤️❤️Super Caring Little Girl. Her Favorite Place Is Outside & She Loves To Dance .
She will be 2 months on the 5th she's a very good baby she loves talking she loves cuddling
This is Gracelynn! She likes going by Gracie😊 she loves her mama. She loves reading. Her favorite place is school! Such a smart beautiful girl! She’s kind and generous and the most sweetest you’ll ever meet!❤️❤️
Saphina is a strong beautiful baby girl she loves to cuddle mommy and daddy but she loves her big brother the most, she loves her tummy time and hearing you sing ❤️
Charity is fun and loving and very sweet please vote for my babygirl..... Chairty loves ponies and unicorns and playing with her siblings and all her doggies ... she is an all around amazing and fun child and is fun to be around..... she has bee throuh so much in just her 8 short yrs of life as she has battled hip dysplasia and had multiple surgeries and delt with infections... But still kept her head up and kept rhat amazing beautiful smile on that face
Rubie is just about the sweetest thing ever. Miss Rubie came into her momma's world at just the perfect time. She saved her momma, as she lost her mom due to lung cancer 2 weeks after having miss Rubie Ann. She loves to talk, laugh and most of all smile the biggest smile! Her favorite food is corn, and her favorite thing to do is pull on her daddies beard. Her newest thing is giving hugs, and they are the warmest!
Madalynn is 3 years old mamas girl for sure with a bit of sas!!
Zoey is 1 month old she loves her daddy she’s a daddy’s girl for sure she loves to sit up she holds her head up very good she loves tummy time she tries to my her self when she’s on her tummy but she can’t not just yet❤️
She is creative, artistic, imaginative. She loves to paint, play dress up and is quirky and full of sass
Kya is the sweetest little girl you’ll meet. Always so happy & cheerful sure to put a smile on anyones face. She’s loves animals, playing with her sisters & adventuring outside. There is never a dull moment with her, as she always trying to get you to laugh, may it be making silly faces or playing a trick on you.
Little Miss Arabella Is a fun, loving, and such a happy little girl! Laughing and making people laugh is her thing.
Chassa is very outgoing she has clubfoot but you wouldn't even recognize she's very smart for her age
Arielle is a very energic 9 month old. She loves to play and laugh. She brings joy to all and loves to eat!
Da’Niyah is a joyful, playful beautiful little girl who will make your day better when you see her if you are having a rough day she loves nursery rhymes and enjoys being around her big brother.
Alana is fun and loving her smile is contagious! She loves to crawl and be adventurous. She loves to be held and dances with daddy as well as pet her dog brother Leroy. She can light up a room. Her favorite show is Canticos and she is one of the happiness babies you’ll ever meet!
Kiara Love
Kiara, is so full of love and light, she can put a smile on just about anyones face! Her laugh is absolutely contagious! Her eyes light up when she smiles. She enjoys swinging in her swing set watching her big brothers play! She loves to kiss her puppy ever chance she gets! She is just the sweetest ray of sunshine! 🌻❤️
A very brave and curious girl, in which her beauty is only outshined by her courage and interest in lifes escapades.
I love people!!!!! Please vote for me!
Lil miss Rory is just about a month old. . . She is full of life . . . She loves her big brother n daddy n mommy very much.
Navi Luna is far from shy and was born to be a leader! She enjoys friends, outside adventures, looking for stars at night, camp fires, and sitting on our porch swing. She is the BIGGEST helper in our household of 4. Her pride and joy is her family. Her favorite person is her Papi. She is always anxious to help and enjoys being choosen for a chore! She loves helping mommy cook and clean. She is a BOLD, AMBITIOUS, and EAGER little soul who prefers to be the LEADER! She loves giving compliments and petting doggys! She has an ENORMOUS amount of pride and courage, attitude and confidence, making her little self memorable and unforgetable every where she goes!! Navi ADORES singing and dancing, and is incomplete unless she has the PERFECT matching outfit and hairstyle!! She prefers to NOT be interupted while she sings because its "HER SONG"!
Hi my name is Zaria. I am 4 months old my birthday is December 26 2021. I love playing with my doll and I love to eat and sleep. I give my mommy the biggest smiles that brightens the whole world. I have One brother on my mom side who I love so much and other siblings on my dad side. I’m growing quicker then my mom thought I would and need more clothes 😂 meanwhile I also could use more diapers and help my mommy with Rent and bills. VOTE FOR ME
This is our beautiful baby girl, Oakley Cate. She is a red headed spit fire with tons of sass 😘
Hi my name is daleyza lujan i like to dance and play with my sister
Kennedy is a smart loving little girl who love to play with her two older brother . She is very observative and favorite tv show is Don Quixote plus she loves dancing 💃
Stacy is a very sweet and outgoing blonde hair blue eyed beauty. She’s mostly non-verbal, so her actions speak louder than words! She loves to be outside and explore new things each and every day. As a total animal lover, this girl will run up to any animal, once allowed, and start hugging and kissing them, farm animal or not. Please vote for Stacy 🤗
My name is Anastasia Sue Lynn! I am an Ocotber baby 👶🎃 and I will be 7 months soon! I love to giggle at daddy and pull mommys hair when I get close to give kisses. 💋 I can hold my own toys, screech really loud, and everything tastes amazing. If you vote for me, thank you! ❤🥰
Mia is an amazing little girl who already loves to smile at everyone and everything! She is our little rainbow baby and the biggest blessing! She loves to eat and sleep and even tho she was born a little early she is already growing up to be a little diva ❤️
Nala is a curly haired red headed mixed baby girl. She loves dinosaurs, painting and coins. She’s very adventurous, and outgoing. Her rare beauty turns heads even at a young age. Vote for Nala!