She loves bubble baths and fat bottles!
Nevaeh is very outgoing, adventurous child, loves watching sing 2 and trolls, loves to play outside and in the pool! Dancing and jumping on the trampoline haze to be her top favorite activities!
Serenity wakes up everyday with a smile on her face. She loves her mommy, daddy, and big sister very much. She likes her fruits and vegetables. She loves swinging and playing with her toys. Serenity loves when mommy sings to her and is always ready to go on a trip. She loves dressing up and being in front of the camera. She recently discovered her toes and her voice so she’s always babbling while looking at her toes.
Alysiana is a my little pony new generation, fanatic!! 🦄 that is all
Alanna Rose is very photogenic. She loves to play and laugh but when it comes to the camera she gets serious. 🤍
My name is Melody Anastasia Deare, i love playing with my brothers most an caring for my baby dolls. I love to laugh and play with my mummy n daddy. I can definitely be a a lil diva. But most all i just like to play play
Journey is a one of a kind very kind, she loves girly sports & she's a DIVA 😍
Aria loves animals especially her cat Ollie. Her favorite color is purple. She enjoys listening to music and art.
this little girl is a ball of fire! sweet with a lot of diva! loves people and will get the attention of anyone immediately and make your whole day! so energetic and loving. being a princess is what she does!
This is Kyaleah with her 11 year cousin Rayne who Kya adores. Kyaleah makes the cutest faces that keeps you laughing and she has so much personality. This Grammie loves spending time with her.
Shayla Dang
I’m a fifth grader I love math and I love art and pe and I get too play with all my friends at recess and I’m a very happy person i deserves to win im so talented i love drawing and coloring and I love doing track and run race and doing 5k with my dad I also love doing modeling and acting I have two old brother and I been through alot due too mom been sick and i love help people and volunteers
Royalty is almost 3 months old, she loves when you talk to her and she’s always ready to get dressed up💗
Riya is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give. She is beautiful, smart and intelligent girl.
Nylah is so energetic with the most beautiful smile. She is kind and friendly. She will not let you get past her without saying hi and receiving a smile back in return. She will brighten up anyone’s day
Candelaria Elsa
Candelaria loves to read, color, and jump. She likes counting and saying her animal sounds.
A beautiful, smart, fun 3 year old. Brooklyn loves playing with her brothers, reading, writing, and baseball!
Haizley loves watching Coco melon, going outside, playing peekaboo, she's now starting to walk , her favorite food is rice and gravy lol! Shes got 4 teeth coming in and she loves her mommy!
Kawena Hina’ea, Born December 19,2021. Enjoys being in the water, being around animals, loves nap time.
Peyton loves helping her mommy with her twin sisters who are 2 years old.
Journii 💖 I love baths 🛁 I love naps 💤 I love milk 🥛 And poops for my mommy & daddy ♥️
My daughter AVya Skye loves to watch her favorite show tru and the rainbow kingdom, she loves people and always have a big smile on her face, she enjoys playing in water and she loves to eat! and play with her uncles, she’s such a daddies girl lol.
Zia Adeline
Vote for me thank you. 🥰😍
Jaleyah Chanaé
Jaleyah Is A Beautiful Little Girl, Very Intelligent ! Super Sweet && Very Helpful With Occasional Mischief Whatever She Places She'll Always Be A Winner To Me !
Makenna is always a happy baby who loves to sing and dance and spend time with her older brother ..she loves spending time as a family and having her family around her
She’s A Happy Smart Baby ❤️🙃 She Was Born With A Cleft Lip But It Don’t Stop Her Beauty
Baby Z
Ma daughter Ma’zaria loves to watch her favorite show Cocomelon , she loves people and always have a big smile on her face, she love to eat and she such a daddy’s girl lol
Hello world I’m Iliana but my family calls me chica. I love to crawl and play. I will be 7 months on the 24th.
JaKhari is 17 months old with full of personality. She’s funny, she loves to dance and here lately she’s been wanting to play softball looking up to her big sister. She brightens up a room with her beautiful smile. She loves to greet you with a fist pump or a big hug. JaKhari comes from a loving family, an older brother DaiSean and older sister JaKhia with lots of aunties, uncles, grandparents and cousins who support her. JaKhari is a joy to be around. 🥰
Ke’Aylah is coming ❤️
My Name is Jaidaa Brielle, My mom calls me Snooda. I enjoy spending time with my nana. I one fruit snacks and fries!! I can’t count to 20 I’m very active. I’m silly I love to laugh.
Chubby & Adorable. Thrives off breast milk. 😂❤️
Ava is a little sweetheart,total tree hugger and loves all creatures.shes smart, beautiful and all around good soul
Beautiful loving girl smart, and is very happy full of charchater. Enjoys pageants and playing with her puppies. Loves her big sister and is full of joy.
Addisyn is optimistic and creative. This little lady loves playing school, doing hair, and reading at dinner time. Addisyn loves to sing and she's number one in her gymnastics group. Go Girl 🥰
I loved the beach! I have two older brothers who love and adore me. I love to wear my big bows and a cute outfit. I’m always happy and smiling because I know my mommy and daddy love me
Nova loves to smile and be talked to. She’s such a goofy baby, lives to laugh at her brothers. Her nickname is pretty girl as you can see why when you look at her. She gets attention anywhere she goes. What’s not to love about Nova Star ⭐️! She’s a Star 🌟
Kyomi is beatifull almost 2yrs old girl she lovely . Learn really fast she love to dance and sing!!! She is daddy girls but mostly mommy now !!!
Ami’ loves cuddling with her mommy also she can’t go a today without singing and dancing. She’s a baby diva.
She loves to crawl and say hi very goofy baby
Charlie May
Charlie is a very smart outdoors loving little girl. She loves bluey and her brothers, and munching down on veggies with mommy!
Hi, I’m Indyá and I love to play and eat. ☺️
Ayviana is a calm little girl loves her toes tickled. She loves when people sing to her, she is almost sitting up. She makes these cute little baby noises, she loves people and she loves to be the center of attention ❤️Please vote for her!
Haisleigh is just starting out she is full of smiles and giggles and will brighten your day with her bright beautiful eyes
Nova is a living happy very goofy baby , she loves to watch Gracie corner and to talk .
Athena loves to eat keep mommy entertained, say momma, dada and hey shexalso loves to try and boss her cousins around
My Dreamy loves to be talked to. She gives big smiles and lots of laughs. Currently she blows spit bubbles and she gets everyone wet!! Lbvs 😩😂😂 Momma is her favorite person and if I could describe my baby in one word it would be curious .