Jayla loves preschool her sisters. She loves to play ball, and baby's. She loves to watch SpongeBob, gabby dollhouse and a bunch of other shows. She has the most contagious laugh.
My daughter is 1 year old with a 2 and a half year old brother. She loves to smile and laugh and love on anyone she comes in contact with
Kaislee loves her German shepherd puppy, despite her face in this photo. She is the most happiest, sweetest, and sassy lil baby ever ❤️
Crazy! Opal loves to draw and play with her paw patrol toys! She’s so excited to become a big sister! Her baby brother Onyx will be born in March!
Aurianne is 11 months old and the baby of the family. She loves to play with her two older sisters and big brother. She loves her puppy, Winter, and her daddy the most. She’s the sweetest baby and makes any bad day good.
I love my mommy and dada I LOVE to jabber and talk I love to play pikaboo and hideNseek ❤️❤️ We love JESUS❤️✝️
Sianna is almost 9 months old!! She’s the happiest, best baby ever. Loves dancing and clapping her hands. And loves dads cuddles.
Chevy is the most sassy, smart little girl. She can count to 10, & say all her ABCS, tell you her full name & her mommy’s & daddy’s name. She loves being a big sister!
My name is Harper Rose. I am 8 months old. She can roll over. She can say mama and baba. She loves pulling daddy’s beard.
This is Queen Braelynn🥰 She is 3 years old and full of sass!! We call her our little sassafrass and she proves it everyday 😂🥰 I honestly don’t know where I would be without her 🥹 she saved my life from the moment I saw the two pink lines💕💕 Her hobbies include but are not limited to: Chewing off the feet of Barbie dolls, dropping bricks on her big toes and constantly giving me a heart attack by walking to close to things and almost hitting her head 😂 In all seriousness she loves reading, learning, singing, dancing and my favorite HUGS!! 🥰 She’s genuinely the sweetest most loving Little girl in the world and I just wanted to share her beauty with it 🥰
She is my Angel❤️Her smile teaches us to be happy without reason
Aniyah is a very smart and out spoken 4 yr old she loves green apple and learning new things in Pre-K.she is a great big sister.oh and she also believes she is the best princess ever!
This sweet little punkin' is almost a year old, and she's curious about everything. She'll likely look at you like you're crazy if she sees you because that's just how she gets down. Lol Sweet, Silly baby. 🥰
Skyler aka Peanut, is sweet, spicy and full of energy. She loves to read, sing and copy everything her big brother does!
Lana is a fiery 2.7m yr old who loves hanging out with her brothers! She enjoys drawing, strumming her guitar and playing with her vanity and makeup. She loves her family and her puppy cockapoo Mr. Beauregard pawmcstuffins.
She is the bravest I know having an open heart surgery when she was six months old. The Heaven Above answered our prayer and she made it. She has been the life of our home where there is always laughter and play when she is around. Since she don’t have a sibling she always has been a friendly to her fellow children she have met everywhere hoping that she could find a playmate and her camaraderie did not disappointed her. She is a smart and doing great at school although play is her priority at the moment.
A little bundle of joy that mysteriously has already learned to chuckle out loud for mommy……. ☺️🥰
She is very shy wants to model but is scared I believe this will help her she is very self conscious about her glasses but she is beautiful inside and out
Eliana has a Twin brother, who she absolutely loves even though he’s a bully to her lol. She also has an older brother who she loves playing with! She’s the sweetest little baby there ever was. She will feed you, love on her Baby Doll, & is always willing to share everything!
The birth of Claira was very difficult and intense, I was in labor for 28 hours, her umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck and her heart rate dropped to 52BPM in the canal, I had surgery and she was saved! She’s truly a miracle and she’s the funniest and smartest 7 year old I have ever met in my life!
Luna loves playing outside she loves her daddy the most or so she says luna is a very bright spontaneous happy lil girl
Isabella (Bella) is the smartest and most loving 9year old! She loves doing crafts, spending time outside with family and loves playing with her brother and sister 💕
This is Amoura Symone. She is a little diva in the making. She loves taking pictures,her big brother and her doll babies.
Serenity is an energetic little girl.she loves dressing up and playing with her two brothers
Audrey is such a sweet child. Loves her Papa and her doggies. She loves to be outside and climb! Very outgoing and can make a friend anywhere she goes.
Alaiya loves singing and dancing 💃. She’s very smart and loves eating spaghetti 🍝.Her Birthday is Christmas Eve and she has a Joyful personality always smiling.Cocomelon is her favorite cartoon.
Maelynn is a very loving little girl! She can lighten anyone’s mood with her big beautiful smile💕
This is Mila, she’s adventurous, polite and very helpful. She is also very independent as she wants to do EVERYTHING herself. She’s a joy to play with and loves playing hide-n-seek, to color and learn about the world.
Faith Elisa
Faith Elisa is a beautiful, intelligent and loving baby girl. She lights up the room with her smile and giggles. She loves exploring, crawling and standing, and adores animals and snuggles 🥰
I call my little girl “Isa” and she’s an amazing child from the moment I gave birth to her. She is the most loving baby I have ever known. Always has a smile on her face and loves to laugh as well as watch Miss Rachel .
Kylah is such a star and a true joy to be around! She lights up every room she enters with her funny faces, great dance moves, and hilarious personality! She loves to sing, talk, & learn! She’s so sweet with a old soul & sassy with her purse on her arm😜 Her brother is her world. Kylah is a daddy’s girl and mamas best friend🥳😇 If Zofia wins, this would help us to get her into pageants as well as opening a savings for her.
Mia is a fun loving little girl whose smile lights up the room! She loves dancing, playing, and reading. There is nothing better than her giggles.
Alice is girl who is always smiles:)
Ariana loves pizza and spending time with her family and friends. She also really enjoys band class.
Millie Reign makes everyone smile and just listening to her laugh could cure the problems of the world!
Jessica is a fun loving little girl, ALWAYS leaves a smile on everyone’s face when she’s around! Her energy and mood lights up the room! ❤️
Numinous Essence
Miss Numinous is a fiery, extremely smart, excitement driven ball of sunshine! She enjoys playing the piano and dancing to just about any song she hears. NuNu loves doing positive affirmations in the mirror and any activities that involve her mama. She is so kind and silly. Numinous is going to change the world with her one of a kind essence!
Georgia Kaye is an almost 2 month old little gal! She loves her mommy & daddy, to look at lights, tell us what’s on her mind, and paci! She is so close to rolling over (already!!!!)!
She's a very smart 2 year old, she is very active and she loves playing with other kids, she love listening to music
Miss Numinous is a fiery, extremely smart, excitement driven ball of sunshine! She enjoys playing the piano and dancing to just about any song she hears. NuNu loves doing positive affirmations in the mirror and any activities that involve her mama. She is so kind and silly. Numinous is going to change the world with her one of a kind essence!
She is very affectionate, kind, nice, she likes to play, laugh, she is a very intelligent girl, very outgoing.
My beautiful little lani bug loves cuddles
Adalynn is a bit of sass but also kind hearted. She’d do anything to make you smile. She loves the color blue & Barbies
Lilliann is the most sweetest girl a person can know. She’s got the biggest heart. She loves the color pink & loves Barbies
Ruby Jo
Ruby Jo is a feisty 6 month old little girl !she’s so full of spunk and stubborn ! She loves her big brother and mommy and daddy chewing is her absolute favorite thing to do her favorite show is PJ mask instantly lights up when she hears it or sees it ❤️
Lauren Gianni Jean Baptiste
Hello there! I'm Lauren, a one-year-old cheerful, bouncy baby girl who loves family time, lengthy conversations, and warm bottles. Also, everything that produces noise attracts me!
Shes charming, shes very considerate, she love to sing and pose for the camera. She wants to be a model.