Baby Stories - 39


Hi , I’m Zhanè ! Three Months and Spoiled Of Course.😊 I Love My Rattle , Smiling For Pictures But What I Love Most Is My Mommy ! 🥰
Lainey loves animals, she has a few pet chickens, cats and dogs! she loves going to Disney & singing “Let It Go” from Frozen!
My name is Zoie Harper Paige Clayton, I was born with something called CH (Congenital Hypothyroidism), although it can be a struggle I have NEVER let it get in the way of living life to the fullest! I’m very energetic, end I’m always smiling and laughing! One of my favorite things to do is make others laugh! I love art, and being outside. I love any and all animals! My two cats are my favorite of all time though! My favorite color is blue. I absolutely love trying new things and I’ve very intelligent. I make new friends everywhere I go and I love it! I have a very kind heart and I love helping others! I’m also responsible, I help my mom and dad with chores and I also (willingly) help with my baby brother and sister. 💙
Kimber Rose
This is Miss Kimber Rose! She Ioves her big brother Emerson and telling mommy and daddy funny stories. Her laugh is infectious and she can’t help but brighten your day with her cute chubby cheeks! Tummy time is her favorite and she loves rolling around playing with toys with her fur brothers!
Olivia is the sweetest, most compassionate child i have ever met. Shes so smart and so so funny. Olivia takes on the best big sister role ever. She loves with her whole heart.
Amaya was a micro preemie at birth. Weighing a whole whoppin 1lbs. Today she is 22 months old and a little tiny firecracker!! Shes sweet and loves to talk and smile and steel everyones heart at first sight
Kinsley is 7 ❤️ She’s all about cheerleading & gymnastics!
Melody is so full of life she is a pure example of a soup patch kid lol so sweet and then so mean but such a loving baby shes super smart caring and fiesty and just became a big sister and doing a great job at it
Addie is a true angel sent from heaven! She loves to eat and play with her sister! Her laugh and smile are contagious.
Kylie loves to play with her older siblings, she’s just a sassy and happy baby 🥰
Isabella is almost 2 years old she loves to play outdoors with mommy and daddy. She loves watching bluey it makes her giggle. She loves to color in her mickey mouse coloring book.she is a very smart little girl
My name is Bethanie Gale Rose Clayton, You’ll never see me without a smile on my face! I love all animals, but farm animals are my favorite. My favorite animals are donkey’s, & cats. My favorite color is pink and yellow! I love to play outside and I love making new friends! Im very kind, and nurturing towards others! Im especially crazy about my big sister and my baby brother. 💛
Demi is a perfect baby who bearly makes a peep unless shes super hungry lol she likes to snuggle in mommys arms eat sleep and repeat!
River loves to play dress up. She was changing her clothes and putting on bracelets before she started talking! She is big on hugs and snuggles, and she is loves playing with her baby brother. You could say nurture is in her nature!
Elise is a very smart, energetic 3 year old who loves Disney princesses and makeup
Khloe is a sweet, yet sassy little princess! She loves to play and run from mommy 😂 she’s a daddy’s baby. The most perfect angel sent from God 💜
Capri, is the happiest little girl and she loves to smile and show off her beautiful personality. She loves music and dancing . She is a beautiful soul .
Elizabeth Erin has been smiling for 7 months now, she loves her Frozen 1 & 2 and Moana, the happiest baby unless she is hangry, loves her food, just starting to get some real food into her and if she likes her food she makes all sorts of cute happy sounds plus baby babble, she loves her daddy so much lights up her whole face when she sees him, constantly trying to say da da or daddy, cute high pitch screeches with the biggest smile on her face, her new thing is to scream at her toys she likes, she giggles at her two fur brothers when they wrestle, shes got 4 teeth both top and bottom and now you can finally see the top when she smiles, she can sit by herself, pull herself up onto the side of the couch now and pull herself up into sitting position in her crib❤
Rose loves dancing, telling jokes & her animals! 🥰
Lydia Rose
Im a super happy, smart, and strong baby
Lala has two big dimples and a smile to melt your heart❤️She loves to dance and tries to sing along to her favorite songs from Moana!
Harlow Rose
Miss Harlow Rose, my little walking ray of sunshine. She is so full of personality and loves to make people around her smile. She loves to see happiness and love, it lights up her face. This little girl was born right at the beginning of our nationwide lockdown during the beginning of the Pandemic. Brought into this world only aloud to see a few people for the first year of her life but this has in no way made her shy. She is a little force and I can't wait to see what she has in store for this world.
Likes cute princess stuff. Makeup. Singing,dancing peppa pig, baby shark,diana,ect. Sweet.
Rylee is our little miracle 🥰 She loves to be on the move and loves to yell ( her way of trying to talk )She enjoys food, being in the water as well as other little kids and dogs! She's small but mighty and loves to smile 😊
Juanita LOVES to sing, dance. She enjoys acting, playing video games with her Dad. She's a your typical 9 yr. old who enjoys being a kid acting silly enjoying LIFE.
Jaycee is the sweetest 4 year old ❤️ She loves to put on makeup & be a princess 👸
Lileigh is 6 years old she loves her baby dolls and he family she loves playing dress up and doing her make up and learning about God
Our little rainbow baby❤️
Lyriq's middle name is love and that she does. Shes my big 3 year old and she loves even bigger shes full of curiousity and energy. Very smart for her age and always will keep a smile on your face. Might i add she gives some of the best warmest hugs.
Brooklyn is a 6 year old she loves school learning dancing singing bein outside goin with her siblings most of all she loves tiktok she a big helper smart in beautiful loves the camera
Arielle loves to smile! Her personality really shines through with that big smile and dimple! She loves to stare at mommy and daddy and giggle and talk to us. We absolutely adore her!
Shes shy but once she knows you shes the center of attention!
Kassidy is a girly girl. She loves to dress up and wear her jewely. She also like's to play with her friends. She is on the dance team at her school. You can say she is very energetic,and full of life.
She is such a free spirit loves to play and laugh and is very smart. She’s such an amazing baby!!
Madilynn Marie
Madilynn is a loving, sweet, and sassy toddler who always wears a smile and brightens any room she walks into. She loves her baby brother, playing with toys, and absolutely loves animals! She is beautiful inside & out! Not just saying that because I’m her mommy, but because it’s how we are raising her to be ♥️
Hello, this is Chasity. She is a very smart and creative little girl. She has a heart of gold and is the oldest of four.
Baylee is a very sweet and sassy redhead. She is the last of four kiddos. She’s very smart and shows everyone she’s the princess of the house.
Bella Arielle
Beautiful smile and Warm hugs melts her Mom's heart ♡
Zaylee is a Happy and Loving Little Sister
Ryder Nichole
Miss ryder nichole just turned 4months on the 28th! 🤯 Time flys!! 😭. Shes the happiest and most loving baby youd meet. Shes loves everyone! Few things Ryder really loves and enjoys is.. being read to.. just watching and listening to her momma babble on to her bout stuff....she rly enjoys watching The Big Comfty Couch and Banana in pajamas. Shes nothing but smiles from very moment she wakes up. And is gonna be a future Basketball player . So go and vote for Ryder Nichole! And dont forget to smash that like and share button too. Thanks 😀😁💕
Naraya has an awesome personality. She loves to dance and sing. And she loves McDonald french fries. You cant drive past a McDonalds without her spotting it. Lol
Go vote for my babygirl ☺️ she is 18 months she is the sweetest little girl she love her brothers and her kitten stella ☺️ she is a momma's girl for sure!!
Jaida is a very smart little girl who loves to read and write.. She's very outgoing and knows how to make everything that's going on around her fun
Brooklyn is a very sweet yet sassy little girl. She’s also very much intelligent 🥰 she loves cheerleading, shopping, and most importantly taking care of all of her little doll babies. She loves her family and spending as much time as she can with her Nana. Brooklyn loves to model and pose for the camera 📸