Baby Stories - 31


Hailey was born with beautiful red hair. She Loves to read books and tell stories of her own! As soon as she learned to smile it’s like she’s never stopped! ♥️
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Seryna loves to sing! She wants to be a singer one day! She is shy but oh so loving. She is very smart. She loves her little sister so much.
Autumn Shadow Lee
Little miss Autumn Lee is now 4 years old. She is a little sister to her 6 year old bother Nicholas and such a great older sister to her 1 year old baby brother Isaac. She’s in love with unicorns. She always asking her mommy and daddy for a baby sister because she doesn’t want to be the only girl. She always gets it her way with her mommy and grandparents. Energetic and playful, this little girl is always smiling!
Sweet baby always smile
Serenity is 2 years old . She has sickle cell disease but does not let that stop her from enjoying her life . She’s a happy child . She’s the life of the party ‘ can be a brat but she’s smart beautiful & strong 💜
Elliana Raelynn is my rainbow & miracle baby after 4 losses. Her smile radiates from the sun. She loves bouncing in the bouncer, watching treetop family and most importantly going outdoor for a walk at the beach or park. She is a champ at blowing bubbles. Elliana was TS fighter in the womb but has been a strong fighter & cleared within a month of birth. She’s my favorite part of each day!
Journee Amyra
my little miracle baby 😍
Bre'Asia loves to sing, dance, make jokes, get on the airplane, spend time with her family, go to school and eat chicken💕
Brynlee loves being outside and enjoying sunny weather! She is all around a happy baby and loves life.
Nayarah is such a happy baby she loves to cuddle with mommy but more with her buddy, she is soo dramatic when it comes to hair treatment day 😂, special and real brown skin Barbie 🦋❤️
Kinsley loves cartoons, bath time & her family. ❤️
Nylah 2 years old has a passion for fashion Loves frozen, and trolls.
Summer is a mommy’s girl! She loves to cuddle and spend time at the racetrack! She is just starting to learn how to smile!!❤️
she love her boy lots and she so sweetheart and her laugh is so cute and she is mom girl and daddy girl
Ja Sani
7 month beauty ... birthday august 20th very happy baby 💕
Kinlee loves rolling over, & cooing a lot❤️ She’s starting to sit up on her own.🥺 she’s always a very happy cheerful baby🥰
Baby girl loves to play, talk and laugh with you! Don’t lay her down or she gets mad she always wants to be standing or sitting up like a big girl 💖
Alena is the our spunky little girl who already has the best personality. She loves spending time with her daddy when he’s not at work 💗
Chloë Brooke
Hi, my name is Chloë. I’m 3 months old and I love trying to talk. <3
Briella is a very spunky 2 year old. She can light up any room she walks into!! She’s such a happy baby and is a people person already 🥰 Her attitude is out of this world lol she’s 2 going on 20.
Derriana is a super goofy, wild, carefree little girl! She has such a huge personality and always brightens everyone's day where ever she goes. She is so sassy i swear she's 2 going on 20!!! She loves Trollz and to color and of course take pictures!!
Rextyn is such a happy smiling baby. She loves cuddles, bath time, bouncing and swinging. She was born 3 weeks early through a very rough emergency C sectikn and spent a weel in the NICU. She weighed 5lbs 4 oz and at 2 months old just hit the 8lb mark. She's so strong and determined. Shes been holding her head up since we brought her home and started rolling from tummy to back at 10 days old. She's the light and joy in soany people's lives and definitely our little miracle. 💞🌻🐝
Willow knows what she wants and goes for it. She loves rainbows, tutus, and all things "princess" (including sass lol)
Octavia is sassy but full of energy. She loves to stick her tongue out at you, blow bubbles and even kick her feet like crazy. She’s a big mommas girl but is friendly to everyone who smiles at her.
Wendy Gean Davenport
Wendy loves singing and dancing. She is a little firecracker!
Our sweet dumpling is always so happy and full of life! Her laugh is so cute and contagious!
Easltynn Rae was born on Christmas Day. She is such a happy and smiley baby. She is such a daddy’s girl.
Demyiah B.
De’Myiah Sami Brown 💞 De’Myiah is a Twin . She’s the oldest of Her and Devonta Jr. De’Myiah Loves to laugh and smile . She loves to be talked to as well . Such a Sweetheart 🥰
She's sassy, caring, loving and her personality is out of this world!
Elsa Raye Davenport
Elsa love to sing, dance, and do gymnastics. She also loves to bake and decorate cookies.
Paisleigh is 3 almost 4 months old. She is a very happy baby and loves her family ❤️
JessLeigh Ann Kay is the sweetest bundle of joy! She loves to laugh at her puppy, Ruger and is always on the go!
Kaylee is a beautiful soul with a loving caring heart.
Kensley has a smile that’s contagious with a huge personality! She’s full of energy and always belly laughing. She loves watching word party and bath time.
Mandi Mae
Mandi Mae likes to sing, dance, make art in every way possible and she loves everyone she meets. Shes a very loving, caring and friendly person all the way around.
Ziyah Is A Good Baby That Loves To Be Talked To, She Loves Music & She Loves To Raise Her Little Head Up ! She’s Even Trying To Talk A Little.
Alejandra is an amazing, loving and really funny toddler that loves Disney Princesses and spending time with her twin sister Beatriz.
Beatriz is an amazing, loving and really funny toddler that loves Disney Princesses and spending time with her twin sister Alejandra!
Aaliyah is 5 years. Old Her birthday is april 6 she loves to dance and sing and of course she loves doing her tiktoks 😊❤ she loves jojo swia. She loves playing with her puppy buddy they are really bestfriends 😫❤ please vote for my baby
Peyton is bossy and playful, She loves to talk and is such a happy baby💖she lights up any room!!
Payton is always so silly and crazy. She has the biggest personality you can imagine. She loves bubble guppies, Rapunzel, and Minnie Mouse!
She is a sweet baby who loves for people to talk to her. She knows her ooohs and aaahs and is trying to sit up by herself.
Willow is a little beauty who is bashful and playful. She loves to give big smiles and silly laughs and brightens the whole room <3
Raelyn is a very energetic, happy little girl,she loves just about anyone that will play with her. She is polite and shy if she doesn’t know you but give her a few minutes and she will talk you ear off