She is starting to crawl and laugh and she can say hey and she's just a happy baby
Kyndall loves family, friends and animals. Shes super sweet, caring, loving, a great kid.
She loves to talk, she loves being around animals she always got a smile and even when she’s sad she’s cute
She loves family and animals! She is a good kid and loves to help others!
little miss emeree! we call her eme j for short! she’s bright, bubbly, beautiful, and full of giggles! my eme j loves school, cheerleading, and hanging out with her big cousin! she loves to sing and dance and most of all she loves playing dress up! makeup is on the top of her christmas list lol my girl is my beautiful mini me & my rainbow baby !!!! ❤️
We call this little diva LILO! she is a our little sour patch kid who brightens up our day everyday!! she’s smart, ambitious, and loves to play and interact with the big girls! my girl is full of energy and she loves to tumble and dance!
Delilah is down to earth . She loves the outdoors, she’s always trying to help, and she is incredibly smart to be her age.
Elaina is 4 months old and one of the happiest babies I know! She loves watching hey bear and chewing on her little fingers!
Ellie loves to to be around her family. She loves being held, especially by her daddy. She is a daddy’s girl!
Madilynn is so sweet and so full of personality. She is mom’s little bestie but adores her big brother. This little girl could live on fruit and pasta. She is a genuinely happy girl and keeps us on our toes!
Harley plays the violin at school, she loves baking and playing games and watching movies on her tablet. She is in 9th grade and does pretty well at school.
Mila loves to crawl, eat and play! She loves to wave and clap. She has the biggest smile and can brightens anyone’s day.
Julia is the sweetest baby girl. With her chunky cheeks and chunky thighs she will have everyone turning saying she’s the cutest.
Mia Marie
⚠️ We are not doing anymore advances at this time, just returning advances we accepted during our contest ⚠️THANK YOU to everyone who returned, voted, and gifted our baby girl! We appreciate you all SO much!! 😍❤️🥰 Mia is ONE Year Old! 🥰 She LOVES her big brother Damien, & she is getting promoted to BIG SISTER in 2024 🎉🥳💕 She is adored by everyone who meets her!
Harlow is a sweet & sassy 2 year old that loves to dance and sing! 🩷
Sage is one of the world’s sweethearts. In just 4 short months she’s brought joy to everyone she encounters. She loves family time, watching Gracie’s Corner, & smiling for the camera, accompanied by her signature squeal to let you know she’s having fun! Vote for this cutie!
I know it said daughter this is my son he on most 2 month old he my little stud muffin
My Little Maddie she 8 year old now haven't seen her 5 years I don't know what she looks like now I miss her more than anything else in this world I love her to death she always be my baby girl no matter what. everyone vote picture tell me how beautiful she is
Aria is a very happy baby. She’s always smiling and trying to talk. She loves to talk (baby talk) your ear off! She’s a very alert baby and loves to look around at everything! She loves being outside, Nemo, Elephants, and Dinosaurs (mommy’s choice lol) She’s such a joy to be around and truly the biggest blessing!!
My Babygirl is almost 2 months! She’s perfect and has the biggest smile!! She loves listening to classical music and enjoys mommy putting her in pretty outfits everyday lol. Naleyah is mommy’s twin and has beautiful brown curly hair!!
Ava Elliott
She's a sweet, stubborn, sassy/fierce, beautiful little girl.
Mommy's life NahNahs world. Very spoiled and very loved!!
Curious cutie
Vote for Aurielle! Our walking testimony, the true rainbow baby after the storm of unexplained infertility & miscarriage. She’s such an outgoing spirit with a big personality. Lights up any room with her big smile. Loves playing, learning and watching Ms. Rachel.
Mylie is a very sassy girl who loves to dance and play with toys
Stella is the sweetest baby she loves people as soon as she sees you she waved and gets the most heartwarming smile that could make anyone’s day! ❤️
Rose loves to crawl around she also love her toys and mis Rachel
Malanii was a early baby however she has came along way and very very energetic a very happy baby she loves laughing and getting entertained by others she loves to eat and run lol vote Bella lanii for the win !
Zoe is a bossy little thing who will one day run a company, I'm sure. She's sassy and makes me smile every day
Araylah loves to be the joker of everything. She is always smiling and living her best life everday
She's a sweet, fun, loving baby. Loves to be outside and be with her Daddy!
Little Beatriz was born 3 months premature and has overcome so much in so little time. She continues to show us her strength every day. She is one happy baby!
Phoenix is a very caring and lovable little girl. She is quite the character once she gets to know you. She has the funniest faces and things that she says.
Rayliann is my miracle baby, I dreamed of her since I was a child myself, she's the most beautiful, and smartest baby girl I have ever seen, she barely 2mos old and already holding her head up, rolling over and even attempting to crawl. She loves growling w her daddy and looking at lights, she enjoys falling asleep to country music and vibration. Being her mom is everything I ever wanted and even if we don't we win this competition, I STILL WON in life the moment they pulled her outta my stomach.
A beautiful little girl that was a surprise at first. She loves her mommy and daddy, and her raddles and despises binkies. She loves cuddles and brings a smile to everyones face.
Raine is the sweetest and funniest kid in the world. She never fails to make people laugh and melt their hearts.
Smiling is my favorite! I’m so bashful and sweet! I like to spend time with my big sister and going on walks. I’m learning to walk along things and I can tell a story or two before I’m ready to snuggle and take a nap!
Aria is an amazing 4 month old who loves to smile and babble a lot…she enjoys being cuddled and held. Her favorite things are chewing on her hands or feet, going outside or taking walks, as well as playing with different toys.
Amareece has the kindest soul, and tries to help everyone she can.
Natalie is the happiest baby you’ll meet. She loves being outside.
My names Brielle I’m almost 10lb and I love to eat. When I’m awake I’ll just hangout with my mommy and nana and just stare off for hours. My favorite spot is my mommy’s arms ❤️
Jioni likes to sing along to educational music, she likes to eat,dance, take selfies, and she also knows sign language!
The happiest little princess there is! Loves an adventure. The bigger the bow the better (as per Mommy 🤣)… A Daddy’s girl for life 💕
Stella is such a kind hearted girl who cares so much about everyone around her! She loves animals, rainbows and all things pink. She’s is always willing to help others. She LOVES to draw and she’s a little gymnast in the making!
Tealie loves being outside. She’s a mamas girl and our whole world! She’s so full of life! We appreciate every single vote!