Baby Stories - 31


Kehlani Kamari Williams
Kehlani Williams Is 9 Months Old. Kehlani Is so observant and she talks all day 24/7. She loves to say Dada and even sometimes Mama, crawling, pulling up to standing and may even be walking holding onto furniture. She Loves Dancing! She has the most beautiful smile I've ever seen, she's always picture ready. She sleeps all through the night and wake up with all the energy!
Kinsley is an outgoing little girl. She is very smart and Mischievous. She loves her family and friends. She is a little bit of a Tom girl. She loves helping daddy and grandpa outside and loves dinosaurs. Please place your vote for her.
She’s a wild child to say the least but she’s the sweetest. She loves her baby and spending times with her puppies
Brielle C.Ferguson is a 14month energetic baby..she love brushing her teeth , bananas and saying bye lol
Isabella is sweet, caring and joyful. Loves her kitty and her puppy.
Kylee is an exceptional eight-year-old little girl. She is super smart and extremely outgoing. Not only is she a year so she’s also 5 foot her so she is very tall for her age. She absolutely loves horses and anything outdoors including fishing, camping, and hiking. She has 3 quarter horses and a mini. She also loves animals in general she has three dogs a kitten and a fish. You should vote for Kylee because there’s no kid out there like her she is definitely one of a kind.
Ka’Miyah is very sassy, and mean. She can be very stubborn at times but as pretty as she can be☺️
Journei Farris
She’s Not An Ordinary 1yr Old! She’s Beautiful & Very Smart To Be Her Age! Journei Loves Cocomelon & Likes To Play With Her Toys.
Amyrical Mullins
Hi my name is Amyrical I love to eat and sleep. I am a growing baby so i really can’t do much but my mommy and daddy understands. i know sometimes they wanna play with me but they will very soon
I’m 6 months old, Loves mashed potatoes, laughing, smiling and blabbering. I am also always such a happy baby
Emma is 6 months olds Loves to blabber and loves to smile/ laugh! She’s always such a happy baby 🥰
Little sweetheart with the soul of a granny! Jungles’ FinEst!
Olivia-Luv is fun loving!! She loves to read, wright and fashion!! She is qn amazing young lady! She is active in many sports! And the world's biggest daddy girl, olivia is kind helpful and so smart lets Help her win here. Goal!! Which is. To be in the top 10!! Thanks everybody for voting!!
Kendra Andi
She sweet, loving an mommas girl. Loves eating and fussing to make nosies ❤️
she’s calm and pretty, loves to be talked too, smiles, and a mommas girl ❤️ Sleep is her go too 😂
Nicoletta is a very loving caring girl. She loves Disney and dressing up like a princess. She loves dance and musical arts. She loves to read books and draw. She loves playing her mini piano. She hugs her dogs and tells them she loves them every morning. She loves the beach and being around other kids. Vote for Nicoletta. She’s keeps mommy going as a nurse durning this pandemic.
Elizabeth "Lizzie" is a bright little girl who fills the room up with laughter and joy. She enjoys her favorite toy Mr. Elephant and os so stubborn!
She is outgoing! She loves looking at herself & is a busy body. I want to keep her in pageants so help get my babygirl up there!😘 Her personality is LIT!!
Sweetest little girl ever. Loves unicorns.
G’ahnii Is 2 Months She’s Soo Sweet Likes Being Snuggled,Loves To Eat & Very Playful
Gabrielle Is A Leo ,She’s One ,She’s Very Independent & Demanding But So Sweet & Helpful
A’moura is 9 months old, she is our rainbow baby. She loves to play and smile with mommy and daddy. She loves kisses. Her favorite things to do right now is to clap her hands, sing songs and get into everything.
Hi, my name is keoni Uriah. I love to eat, bounce in my bouncer, and watch Mickey Mouse. I’m 6months old and I have too front teeth now!
Novaleah is a very adventurous 1 year old always on the move & loves to play.
Joyce is a happy baby that loves to eat, smile, and be held.
She is a very special girl new years eve baby and the most content baby ever she is a Princess
Charlie is our sweet, grey eyed Angel! Loves being held by daddy.
Mariah Hunter
She like going to school and also like being on her phone.
Leila is full of giggles, love & curiosity. She LOVES to learn, wiggle , talk & take pictures. She is happy & I am so happy to watch her grow.
Johneigh came out smiling n has never stopped, she is a huge ray of sunshine, sooo happy, spunky, her own crazy personality n beautiful.
Ivori’ is the baby of the family she loves her big brother. She is always watching to see what he is doing her smile lights up a room. She enjoys jumping and is very active.
I’m a loving sweet sassy little girl ! I love gymnastics and always doing flips !
Ava Lemoine
Ava is 4m, she loves laughing at her maw, watching cartoons & little miss Ava, is beautiful and sweet.
She is a very sweet girl. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up. She's always helping teach her classmates at school.she thinks she's a teacher already! She does not like to do any chores! She loves making slime.
She loves to make monkey noises & she loves to laugh and smile! And loves watching race cars!💗💗
Hello I am 9 m/o and already walking! I like to bite on everything and if I see it I want it!
Hailey is a sassy outgoing 2 year old who loves to watch minnie mouse and caillou. She loves to play with her 3 older cousins... and she is definitely a daddys girl. Please vote for my baby!!!
Aubreigh is a sassy little baby that loves to look at lights. She is only a month old and is already showing so much personality!
Cadence is an energetic, sassy, oh so classy, 5 year old kindergartener from Birmingham, Alabama. She enjoys gymnastics, dancing, fashion, playing with Barbies, spending time with family, and learning new things.
Royce is the sweetest little angel filled with smiles and sweetness. She has a huge personality for such a tiny person. She’s the youngest of 3 sisters and is our blue eyes beauty
Ameinah is a very bright, smart, funny, respectful, and polite little girl. She’s always dancing, singing and loves her siblings. Ameinah has a brilliant smile, if Ameinah feels she has hurt your feelings she will apologize, yes at 2 years old. Ameinah is always wowed by things she like or take interest in. Ameinah likes to sing and polish her nails and dance. Ameinah is definitely a blessing.
She love laughing an playing an she was born 4 months early ,an now she perfect born 1 pound was in the NICU for 3 months now she 15lbs what a blessing
Kalimah is a young, striving Muslimah, whose passion is art, dance, and fashion design. She's an intelligent, quirky soul; serious, but also loves to laugh. Her favorite color is pink, she loves flip sequins and unicorns, and she has a beautiful cat named Melody. We want her to know that there are others in the world who see her for the beautiful spirit she is, and who will also appreciate, and enjoy who she is as a person.
Loves music and someone talking to her also likes watching cartoons
Loves to try and say Hi to grandma loves listening to music and likes to watch Goo goo and Ga ga cartoon