Brilliantly funny
Reyna is a lively 8 month old. She just got her first tooth and was a complete champ about it. She is standing by herself attempting to take her first step. She is the youngest of 15 siblings!
Cheyenne is a very smart 5yr old. She is the second youngest out of 14 other siblings. She is very sweet and caring.
Kendall is a devoted and inspiration to everyone she interact with. She comes off as shy but once confirmed able she opens up. She loves karate and Gymnastics .
Kalani Jade
Kalani is a very content baby. Loves to smile but can’t catch it on camera well lol She loves to eat and is one of the calmest babies. Her brother is her fav. She’s a blessing.
Amelia Diane, wonderful 8 month old beautiful little girl, loves her puffs, loves to crawl, and play in her walker. She is such a snuggle bug, and loves her naps.
she a runner, she a track star, she gonna shine bright when mama gets her bottle🥰
Kenzlee really likes to laugh and smile and definitely enjoys her a warm bottle on the side definitely a happy little baby girl 👧
Maree is extremely caring, she loves learning, helping people, and loves animals.
Stella loves to clap along to songs and wave to everyone!
Charlie Mack is almost 1! She’s walking like a champ. She babbles & has learned a few sign language words! She absolutely loves food! She’s an all around happy baby! ♥️
N’hari is sweet baby that is the little sister of 1 boy and 2 girls
Kenleigh is full of happiness and can definitely be an Overreactor at times
Evelyn Grace
Evelyn is a spunky red head who loves her mama and daddy. She has a twin brother, finley. She loves fruit and her cookies (teethers). She definitely already knows how to put her foot down and get what she wants. Shes a spitfire thats for sure! She (and her brother) are our rainbows after the many years of storms. We are blessed everyday to have her in our lives.
She’s almost 4 she likes to play with her toys she likes to help wash clothes and help her papa cook she also likes to go swimming
Rosalee is a 3 year old little girl filled with fire; there’s nothing this girl can’t do once she puts her mind to it. Being small and young has never stopped her from doing big things. She’s spunky, wild, and free; she fuels my wild hearted side but also knows how to give the best snuggles. Brave, kind, and pure, this girl does not meet a stranger❤️
Baby Is so happy💙
Kinlee loves to watch her brothers run and play she loves when mommy sings to her or laying on her dads chest for nap time she is our last baby the rest we have are boys so she is such a blessing in our lives to complete our family
Aubrielle Rose
Aubrielle has a personality like no other. She loves her toys and to drink her bah’s. Happiest baby ever. She’s just full of smiles.
Kaylynn Ann Marie Gerholdt
Kaylynn is 6 years old and has been through a lot. She has accomplished and healed during her heart surgery she had to have. Kaylynn has won all 3 pageants, loves doing gymnastics, playing soccer ⚽️ and spend time with her family!
Abigail is a feisty girl who loves to cuddle with her baby sister and read in her bed "fort".
Amara is very photogenic and loves being outdoors!🤎 She has the most beautiful smile and loves to dance and sing! She is one of a kind👑.
Faye loves cuddles and taking naps. She is so sweet and loves her mommy and daddy.
Ya Vanii
Loves to cuddle, and very loving
She loves to smile and laugh she is a bunch of joy she can't put a smile on anybody's face on a bad day her personality is the key to who she is
Miss Emorie is such a happy girl, she’s full of sass and smiles. She loves to play and eat all kinds of new foods. She enjoys being outside and visiting with family.
Cerise is a hard working student. Straight A’s in all subjects. She loves her brothers. She plays basketball 🏀 and volleyball 🏐. Cerise is also in jujitsu and starting boxing this weekend. She isn’t your normal girly girl but she is still a beautiful young lady. When she gets all dressed up she just as beautiful as well.
Addilyn is such a happy baby. She loves talking to mommy and daddy.
Little Livia Grace is a true bundle of joy to the world💗 She is always laughing or smiling and absolutely loves playing peek-a-boo. Her laugh fills rooms no matter the size and constantly gets compliments on how joyful she sounds!
Sawyer has 3 beautiful fur siblings! A springer spaniel, a boxer, and a Great Dane!
Aurora dawn our best blessing. She loves her family, nap time and most of all her milk time.
Arianna is a fun loving daddy’s little girl who loves to play and loves dogs.
Sophia is MOTION. She is in constant action...singing, dancing, playing, etc. She is very social and treats everyone she meets as her friends. She also loves to help the community with volunteer works and setting up events. She loves everything that is bright and sparkles, unicorn and rainbows and magical things. She loves books too.
Amira is a joyful and curious girl. She loves the outdoors, especially the beach, like a true Floridian. She likes to crawl around everywhere. She loves to watch Disney movies and is a big fan of coco. She enjoys eating her veggies. She loves to see her reflection in mirrors and laughs at herself. She knows she’s one gorgeous little girl.
Camila is the most amazing and sweet little girl. Vote for her. She is funny and crazy.
Miss little Violet Cate is the spunkiest 5 month old. Ever she loves anything and everything especially fruits, smiles, and all the giggles!
Skye is the most loving girl youll ever meet! She makes friends with everyone no matter the age. She has such a big heart! She loves horses & prrincesses. Her favorite color is purple & shes such a animal lover
Little miss Lakelynn is 5 months old you would never guess she has SMA other than me telling you! She is always happy and smiles at everyone she meets!
DeVynn is Funny, energetic, loves dance party’s and she’s a PEACE sign perfectionist! She loves juicy juice, encanto and balance beams. Her style and charisma keeps us on our toes. One of the happiest and goofiest babies you will ever meet.
India is all about fashion. She’s a 6 year old Diva with style, class and pizzaz! Joyful, friendly, always willing to help. India loves to sing and she is not afraid to show her talent!
Willow Grace is a 7 year old, creative and adventurous little girl! She loves to play outside, loves all living things big or small, adores reading, and loves to sing her little heart out❤️
Khaleesi is always bright eyed. With her smiles and big beautiful eyes she lights up the room. She loves bath time and spending time with her mama!
Mia is about to be 3 she love to sing ,Dance and loves playing and helping with her baby brother. She is full of joy and loves to laugh 😂
Tessa is a little sassafras who loves Makeup and dressing up. She is her moms best friend, and the best big sister for her baby sister to look up to! She had given the world a run for their money since she was born, with no stop in sight!
Kenzi is our Happy Valentines Baby. She loves to swing and her unicorn stuffy.
Paisley is always a happy little girl. She lights up every room she goes into.
JaKaylah is always a happy baby. She just lights up the room with her smile. She likes to cuddle and is very lovable.
Miracle is 4 Months old she has a smile that brightens up the room, she's beautiful, very active, and love's being around others she's a really happy baby😍😍🥰