Baby Stories - 31


Hello I’m Melinda I’m 1 year old I love my family I’m just as happy as can be I can make a smile appear on anyone face please choose me
Lake is the baby of 5 big sisters but the queen to the throne. Loves life always laughing, bright, ambitious, smart, beautiful.
Alanni is just the happiest baby you've ever seen! Shes always smiling and shes full of personality. She loves to laugh and meet new people. She enjoys baths, mickey mouse clubhouse, toys, trying to crawl (shes very close!) And trying new things. She likes juice and fruits. She just learned to hold her own bottle and stands up on her own with support 🤍
Her name is Londynn she’s such a smart beautiful baby she loves to eat dance and play She’s always smiling and will brighten anyones day just looking at her.
Kimberlynn is a beautiful baby full of sas! She loves snuggles with her baby dolls and long strolls at the park ❤️ Her favorite person is her big bubba Karson.
Kali is an adventurous toddler who loves being outside & does NOT like cake but will try anything once and is always excited to tell everyone “heyy”
Kimber is most loving little girl! She loves to give lots of hugs! I feel like shes going to be an artist when she gets older she loves to paint and draw!
Kassidy is a affection and loving 2 year old. She enjoys watching Cocemelon & watching Tik -Tok videos.
Bentley is something else, I’ve never met a two year older with such a big and wonderful personality! She loves being outside and Elsa!!
Sweet Evelyn is a month n half old. She loves to sleep during the day and stay awake at night 😊 she was born with a foot deformity but she will be the strongest, high spirited, loving girl ever that will never give up!!!
Leena is a very out going child. She loves to make knew friends and help people. Her favorite thing to do is draw and paint.
Leilani loves Octonauts, cuddles, and eating. She’s so happy being out in the sun or playing. Leilani is in to trying new foods especially with a lot of flavor, so far her favorite it banana. She’s playful, happy, and loves to talk ❤️
Khloe is a smart intelligent toddler I never image having a Daughter as smart as her
Riley is a bubbly and bright little lady that loves to play and have fun with her brothers and sister. She can make anyone smile even if they are habing a bad day.
Athena is a very happy little girl, she absolutely loves bath time & playing in her jumper❤️. She loves making all sorts of noises & giggling at momma & dada 🥰. If she where to win it would go towards a college fund for my sweet intelligent girl🥰
Little miss Rayvin, loves to explore and is ready for any adventure that life offers. She has such a contagious smile and is soft-hearted. Rayvin loves to sing her Abc's and learn all types of new things! PJ mask is her favorite she even has a little kitten named PJ. She really is a special girl! Her smiles and giggles and silly little dances remind you just why life is worthwhile.
Ryleigh is one of the sweetest babies you’ll meet. She’s always smiling and giggling at people. She loves to be rocked my her mawmaw and to ride the kubota with her pawpaw.
Meet Brooklyn aka Smileybutt (nickname given by her Gigi). Brooklyn is all smiles. She is the love of my life. This little blue-eyed, redheaded angel saved me; my miracle baby. She is loving and sweet, too smart for own good. She is an adventurous little girl with no fear. Please vite for my Smileybutt!
Annalin loves her family more than anything. She loves to cuddle up next to mommy while they sing a song or watch tv. She loves going to church every Sunday and seeing her church family!
She loved to dance.She loved mac and cheese.She bright smart girl.
Vaeda is always full of smiles. She loves bath time, car rides and even diaper changes. She is she star of the show where ever she goes. She always makes a friend.
Ariella is the happiest baby I have ever seen in my life. She is always smiling and happy no matter how she feels. She loves to talk too and we have long conversations of “ah-goo” and humming. Her personality and smile are so contagious. She is loved so much!!!
Remi is an outgoing, very happy & sassy little girl! She loves everyone & you’ll always see her smiling & laughing! ❤️
Aleenah Brielle
Aleenah is a bright blue eyed 2 year old who is a very helpful and loving big sister! Aleenah loves the outdoors her favorite thing right now is to jump on the trampoline and drive cars around the yard (toy cars). She also really likes to be helpful with her little sister. She has beautiful curly hair and just lights up a room with her personality.
She’s my granddaughter, I call her the beauty queen!
Sienna is a beautiful little sister of one and an amazing big sister of two! She is smart, funny, always thoughtful. She has the voice of an Angel. The sound of her voice will bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your heart!
Kiora is the youngest of 6 siblings, she’s so smart, funny and expressive. She was the piece to complete the family, so her middle name is “Ohana” she’s a daddy’s girl to the core but a mommas trooper, music will get her little body moving. Mickey Mouse clubhouse is her favorite cartoon to watch. As beautiful as she is you’d have to meet her to see.
Danyelle is a little sister to two and a big sister to one. She's fierce, determined, caring, helpful and super competitive. She is very talented in drawing, and dreams of one day, going to space!
A Blessing is what she is. Jionni love books and to learn watching Elmo.
Ray is a ray of sunshine everywhere She goes. She loves school. She loves to talk. She is very friendly and extremely smart. She loves her dog Bayne. She loves to play outside. She is full of energy and questions
Mari loves giggling and smiling, playing with her brothers and blowing bubbles!!! Cuteness Overload at it's finest ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Somara is a very sweet little girl who loves her family. She loves to sing and help clean up. She enjoys hugs and kisses and cuddling. Her favorite shows are cocomelon, Blippi, and super Jojo.
Haislee-Mae is the sweetest and happiest 6 month old you’ll ever meet. Shes a light in everyone she meets life! Shes got the chubbiest cheeks and the cutest smile. Please vote for our sweet baby girl!❤️
Isabella loves to listen to music, she is very excited about her new sissy to arrive in dec/jan and loves to play with her pet cat Simba
Marilyn is very outgoing Smart and just plain friendly. She’s always happy and She’s very Loving.Always helping others. She Loves school and playing dress up.
Avery is the “princess” of the family! She loves to do all kinds of things like color, draw, sing and dance. She’s a very sweet and caring little girl and is always up for a challenge!
Bai’Lee Is A Sweet Goofy , Smart , Intelligent Little Girl She Love Too Eat & Play , She’s Very Loving , She Love Too Play With Her Older Sister & Brothers , She’s A Mommy Baby But A Daddy Baby Also She Love Car Rides & She Love To Dance ❤️
Lilee Anne
This baby girl is a straight gift from GOD! She loves everything with a face .. literally loves on everything with a face. She loves outdoors and her family so much!
Never did I imagine my self being a mommy, Olivia has made it the most memorable experience. She loves her strawberries, and loves being outside.
Peyton is a very intelligent little girl that has been through so much but still as bright and haooy as ever and very beautiful she deserves your vote Team Peyton
Ana loves being social, she loves showing off anything new, if she's comfortable w you - she will want to do everything w you and show you everything. She loves food & I mean any food. She's very smart, a quick learner, independent when she wants to be. She's sassy, girly, & playful. She's caring to her baby brother, cat, dog, & fishes. Ana is a little handful of joy you'd want around.
Tiana is a sassy toddler who has personality for days!!!! She loves having her picture taken. She loves performing. She loves people. The epitome of loving life!
Emery will be 2 months old on November 11th. She loves to eat, sit up and look around, but most of all she loves to be held and talked to by her mommy. She will let you know when she dont get her way.