Royalty is very outgoing she loves to play outside and she loves to travel and she loves her family
Our princess Rojan loves to dance. She is very good at Ballet and is a member of South San Jose Ballet academy. She loves to learn and very excited about learning piano. She loves her little sister and is very patient with her. She has two dogs. She loves unicorns and mermaid.
Our angel Alara is 2 years old and loves baby shark. She loves her sister and two dogs. She also loves to paint and dance.
Alainah Shae
Alainah "Bug" Miles is a 1¹/² year old beautiful babygirl with a personality to match & very smart..She's a BIG DADDIES GIRL who loves dancing,cocomelon,her bubba & parents.
She loves her little snacks and cuddles. Sophia loves to laugh at her brother. She is a happy girl💜
My silly Olivia is a very strong willed child. Very intelligent. Understanding exactly what we meant at a young age. She LOVES Puzzles, Books, Tea Parties with her Nana, the outdoors & especially Elsa & Anna 🦋
She is a beautiful little girl that keeps everybody going. She has a soft heart and she always makes people smile.
She loves peppa pig and has and adorable smile🥰
Ellie is the happiest, funniest, loudest little girl! She loves to play, run and babble/scream any chance she gets. She has such a silly personality and loves to smile all the time 💕
Jordan is full of life, outgoing, and always wanting to try new things. She has two older brothers, so she's the only girl. She loves dressing up and playing pretend. She also enjoys playing with her dolls and barbies. She enjoys dancing, making videos, and taking pictures.
Brightest Smile and Loudest Laugh, Luella is always a happy Little Lady!!
Praashi...we call her by this name..she love to act on rhymes..n crazy for babyshark n cocomelen..always seems busy on some little helper too😃😂
Audrey Rose
Audrey loves to play pretend, she loves dress up and anything to do with make up. She’s a silly sassy girl.
Everlee is such a happy girl. Contagious laughter and always up for fun! She loves all animals but especially her puppies
Harmony Love definitely lives up to her beautiful name with her beautiful smile that is shared with everyone. Harmony is loved by many and loves all.
Milan is the fiercest, sassiest, smartest and most loving 1 year old anyone has ever known. Her favorite thing to do is give mommy and daddy kisses and hugs but steal their food in the same kiss. She loves playing with her toys and very self-sufficient. You can’t tell her there’s anything she can’t do because she’ll show you, she can!
Janiya is a sweet and energetic 9 month old who is learning to crawl and loves to move around in her walker & explore. She is a very happy baby with a big personality.
Alani is 6 months and is mommy’s first child. She really love to laugh and play all day. She really enjoy watching Mickey Mouse. She can eat all day if mom and dad lets her.
Sawyer is 3 years old. She loves her new twin brothers. She loves being outside and making new friends. She loves going to church and singing about Jesus.
Zavia Waters
Zavia loves to be outdoors she enjoys swimming going to the park playing with her sisters she loves being with family she is an outdoors little girl and she's so filled with joy and happiness such a loving little girl.. it's a win just to have her in my life
Korea is five months & loves anything with lights or sounds
Josie Magnolia
Josie is 11 months old and LOVES to take pictures and is always smiling! She has 7 teeth and is all over the place!
My beautiful baby Winter Skye is my last of 6 children I have. She loves Minnie Mouse & She has the most beautiful smile I've ever seen 😍 when im having a bad day all I got to do is look at my baby girl and she smiles and it melts my heart. Shes the sweetest and has a wonderful personality. 💗
“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.”
Brynnlee May, she’s always smiling and loves to sing nursery rhymes
McKinley loves foxes and elephants, she loves bath time and long walks.
Ellie is a PISTOL! She's so energetic and always keep you on your toes! She loves her brothers and sister and MINNIE MOUSE! She loves to eat too!
Hi im Mia, I love princesses and mermaids. I adore all animals and babies. Im full of energy and will sing princess songs throughout my day.
She loves Mac & cheese , full of sass , & is so caring ❤️🥹
Vote Thyri she's amazingly smart , she has her own personality very diva like very dramatic but everybody loves it she loves playing outside but also with family
Karter is 2 years old, loves playing outdoors, her favorite thing to do is play with her animals and horse toys.
Very Bright! She loves being a princess and the lights and camera. She pretends to be a YouTuber. Such a little lady I love it.
Cheyanne is a super sweet 4yr old little girl. She loves to make people smile,and give hugs. She really enjoys learning new things,playing with Legos, or playing an xbox game with anyone who will play with her. She also loves to help cook, and drawing.
Kamila Fay Javaux
Hi everybody, my name is Kamila Fay Am mixed nationally bundle of joy i love hugs long talks and stuffed animals my favorite colors are pink lavender and black. My favorite football team is the steelers i love to laugh and smile. Nice to meet you!!!!! Happy 2023
Ava is a 5 year old girl who loves school, family, unicorns and her pets along with her friends. Ava loves to play outside but also loves doing makeup. A very smart and out going girl ❤️
Shes a sweet spunky little girl with a big heart and beautiful smile
Harmony likes to read books, flags and singing.
Love is a very happy baby girl! She loves banana's and carrots and loves to be with her siblings as she's the youngest of 5! Her smile lights up any room and she will greet you with a sweet "Hi!" Love is Love!
Welcome to La’Niya’s beauty page 😊 She is a very smart intelligent little girl that love to dance. She doesn’t have a favor color yet but she love colors, trucks, busses, and other large vehicles. She also like jamming to music, reading books, drawing and playing with toys. She’s a family favorite because she’s the first grandchild and loves to make people smile so she VERY spoiled 🥰 Help Niya reach her goals by saving up money for toys, books, schools and more with just a vote. Niya’s family appreciate your participation in this contest.
Aubrielle is an 8 year old entrepreneur who has a business of selling lip gloss and lip balms @boujeelipsbyaubriee and she loves making gloss and balms for all ages and also enjoys arts and crafts and shopping with her mommy.
Star is an energetic 3 year old who loves spidey and paw patrol! She loves eating cheese and fruit, her favorite thing to say is “what is that/this” as she is super curious about the world and the way things work! She is so smart and talented! Any money she wins will go straight to her for toys, clothes, and dance classes!
This is Rylee. She loves to read, dance and do anything involving crafts and art.
Athena is such a sweet girl and loves everybody! This girl doesnt have a personality, she IS a personality.
Pryncess Amari
My name is Pryncess Amari , my favorite sport is running the show. I love books, Gracie’s corner, Baby shark and Minnie Mouse. My talents include singing and dancing! Exchange votes are accepted.‼️
Nova she is such a beautiful smart 2 yesr old little girl who has such a vibrant soul and enjoys making everyone laugh and smile in everyroom she walks in. She loves her dance party's, she loves her show paw patrol.
Nikaela is our ray of sunshine. She loves to put a smile on people’s face 💕