Kenzie is a firecracker full of life and love! She loves mom and dad! Kenzie loves to play and learn new things everyday!
Elizabeth aka Lizzy is the first born out of set of TRIPLETS! But is simply just herself. She is super "girly" and loves to shop. She loves hair, lipgloss and fashion! Shes sassy and has a lot of attitude behind the sassiness, yet, so sweet and loving. She is one of the most respectful girls you'll ever meet and just wants to model her beauty, and she wants to model with her sister and brother as a trio! Vote for this beauty and her sister (ChaCha) too ♥ ❤ 💖
Lila is a sweet, happy and giggly. Her laugh is very contagious! She loves sports, makeup/ hair, also has a very determined mind set.
Chloe loves dress up and dancing. She is 100% my little diva.
She loves being held by her dad she also loves playing outside with her brother and eating all her pretty bows
Paisley is such a happy & caring girl, she loves the outdoors & picking flowers, going for walks & seeing dogs ❣️
Ella is such a happy little girl! She loves to explore, play, and is a cuddle bug!
Bailey is such a sweet & happy baby, she's a snuggler, daddy's twin & loves attention 💓
Ellie is a happy baby who always has a smile on her face! She loves playing with her sisters and watching cocomelon. She loves pageants and winning pretty crowns.
Myla loves to laugh and play. She loves Mickey Mouse and hanging out with her mommy and family💗
He is a very intelligent child for his age, he likes to pose,to dance, and play and cook😂.You are my angel .I love you sooo much❤️❤️❤️
Unique loves to dance, sing and act. She loves school and so smart for her age. Please vote for her.
Kaisley likes to be told she’s beautiful. She loves getting loving from her brothers. She likes watching The Little Mermaid. She loves sitting up and looking around.
Ivy Leeann Shaver
Ivy is 3 years old, she loves books, baby dolls & her mommy!
Mila in Latin is miracle. She is every bit of a miracle and more. She loves to make people smile and crack jokes with herself and others. She is sitting up and loves to talk. She also just started crawling and loves to play jungle gym on Mommy and Daddy.
Feifei is a sweetheart who likes to smile at everyone she met and brings joy to others. She is always curious about her surroundings and can’t wait to explore the world!
Mila is a bright light for everyone, she loves to play outside, watch movies, eat ice cream and spend time with her family. Her laugh is contagious and her smile melts your heart. Mila was prayed for, she was my gift from him.
Octavia is such a sweet baby and is always wanting to smile and laugh. She loves to do Pattycake. She sure would warm your heart!💜🫶🏼
I am a little miracle baby. 💕
Ja'Kori is such a joy to be around. She loves gymnastics, singing, dancing, and art.
She is so adventurous and loves to walk even though she can’t on her own yet she is working so hard to though!!
Chloe is the most loving, sweet, and silly little girl. When she smiles it will melt your heart. She very curious and wants to know how everything works.
Kaylee love's to play outside and going fishing with her daddy, going to the park,
Leni Marie
She is almost always in a good mood loves going to daycare to play with her friends and loves being outside
My sweet Lilly 💖 she loves school, reading, learning new things and hanging with her besties. She wants to use the prize money to buy a dress, some heels and a race car.
Such a smart, funny, loving babygirl ❤️ The most amazing big sister! 🫶🏻 She loves her pug lulu😍
A’Nala is very energetic baby. She is 6 months and has begun crawling. She is very sweet and happy baby girl.
Naira good girl and also naughty. She loves her sis and also take care her sis just like mamma. She loves dogs.
I’m a very outgoing girl! I love to sing, dance, play outside, love my brothers, cook, go to school, and sooo much more! I’m the most lovable little girl out there! I love to wear my princess dresses and get my hair done. I love pictures too
Nahla loves soccer & rollskating. She also loves Art & can draw very well.
Pushing ONE. Walking. Loving Baby Sister.♥️
Hi I am Aurelia! I’ve been through so much already including a NICU stay but my mommy and daddy love me very much! I love my mommy’s milk and to be talked too I’m so tiny some preemie clothes are way too big and I have to wear tights made for dolls 💕. Mom says I’m the bestest baby ever!
She loves doing the itty bitty spider with her aunt! Also Rae loves to show her a scrunchy face!
A’Siyah was a miracle baby.. She has a beautiful personality as well as many facial expressions for everything..she’s only six months and she knows so much already.. She most definitely is a Diva loves being center of attention, she loves dressing up and then she such a cuddle buddy when she sleepy..She is the little one that can make you smile when having a bad day..she is special she shows affection and she’s loves to laugh she so adorable how can you not love her..
My sweet baby Adelynn loves to giggle, talk, watch tv, and always eating her hands and feet!! Go vote for my sweet girl❤️
Ryleigh is the most beautiful, funny, kind hearted one year old I know! She loves to share, is always silly, & never fails to make everyone in the room smile! ❤️
Maddie loves to dance and sing twinkle twinkle little star. Her favorite place is outside and she would be lost without her big brothers.
Mia is the greatest blessing I could have ever asked for with a wild personality and brings joy to anyone who comes around her
Charlie loves her two brothers, gymnastics, and dance! Give her a vote!
She loves to walk and playing with her big bother l love to smile
Camila is a girl who loves toy babies, she is very loving, I think she should win by having a good and innocent heart!🙂
Brielle is the happiest baby you will ever meet! Bluey is her favorite cartoon. She loves food!! Blueberries are her favorite. When she was in her first month of life she was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. She is our CF warrior. CF will not define nor slow down our firey fury! Few know about her different way of life, but we want to start advocating and educating people about CF. With every breath, there is hope💜🫁
Emberlee loves playing outside she love to hang out with her best friend and to put her feet into water
Snowy River
Snowy is very outgoing and very loving . She loves doing gymnastics ,Dancing And singing She is a straight Ab honor roll student all year long she loves spending time with her mommy and dad she always wants to become an obgyn and pediatrician when she grows up . I as a mother to snowy River I couldn’t be more proud of her and so blessed that im her mommy we love u snowy keep up the fantastic hard work we are very proud of u ❤️
Oaklyn has had a rough start to life with being admitted to the hospital at 2 months old and fighting for her life, but she has finally pulled out and is doing a little bit better! You’d never know she was sick because she loves to smile and laugh all the time!
Harper is the happiest, verbal, playful baby I have ever witnessed. She is my world, and she is loved so much. She’s my rainbow baby 🥰
Keyviah Buford
She is a little rough but a princess who loves to sing play with her little sister