Baby Stories - 15


De'Miyah is the youngest of her siblings. She enjoys sleep an warm bottles. Everyone say hello
Maddie has a great personality!! She’s always happy and has the sweetest smile! She loves attention and snuggles!! Maddie loves to play with her toys and bounce in her jumparoo. She has her Mimi wrapped around her little finger!
Emily’s very thoughtful and friendly. She’s very brave and makes people laugh.
This little mermaid is a fun loving big sister. She loves going on adventures and spending time with her family.
Mahalia Magsby
My Name is Mahalia Naomi Magsby ❤️I am the sweetest baby girl , I enjoy spending time with my family and I love mommy kisses . Vote for me ....
Lynaah is the true meaning of a miracle baby, after being told I couldn’t have babies my husband and I prayed for her and here she is... She’s very smart she loves to laugh and enjoys music, she’s loves the company of other people she loves to talk and loves to munch on your face (kisses) ... Please vote for Lynaah
Hello lovelies I’m Kenlynn!, I enjoy watching cartoons , spending quality time with my mommy and family. I know how to sit up on my own , I am very talkative, observant, calm, and photogenic. I love cuddles and snacks ..
This is my sweet Emma Faith! She has had 2 open heart surges and another one coming up in the near future. She is my hero!!
Chandler Cozett is my beautiful niece, born at the beginning of our 2020 Global Pandemic. Just awful that NO ONE was allowed to coach her or push her through her painful but magical birth. Nor did she or countless others get to celebrate their Most Precious Gifts from God at even a small Baby Shower. Partially why I am participating in the Contest. In my opinion, every one of these mother's are grand prize winners! And so many are in need!! Most could Lot's of families their jobs, and instead of just enjoying their Maturity Leave they stressed and worried to death about paying rent, etc! My heart goes out to all these Brave women! May God bless and keep you all and your families SAFE!! My sister has no idea I entered CC in the Contest! Finances been such a struggle for her family and COUNTLESS other all over the world due to losses of emloyment. So a Baby Shower for these courageous mamas would have really helped to get some necessary items. I would love to see the sheer Joy on my sister's face if Chandler won any of these prizes! Knowing her she'd more than likely donate to 1 or more children's Charities or Research. Also..helping single parents, helping families in need, or St Jude. CC, Chandler Cozett, is my younger Abbie's 1st and only precious babe. She looks so serene and stunning in her beautiful dresses but prefers her Packer's Jersey!! She's an independent, Tom Boy who LOVES to wrestle around with cousins (all boys lol). She will definitely be playing sports! She also, Praise God, has truly been the most laid back, extremely happy baby. God knew exactly what my sister needed with all those added stressors Covid caused! CC has brought us all so much JOY! Thank you all so very much for taking time to read and for voting CC to Grand Pize! T
Medina was born a diva and she shows it daily with her attitude. With a contagious smile she is a little ray of sunshine!
Alison Loves Olaf from Frozen and Minnie Mouse! She also loves to babble on and on!
Layla loves to sing and dance and watch Cocomelon!
i love Minnie Mouse, Doing Gymnastics and playing with my friends
Named after Anna from Frozen. This little girl is the sweetest baby. She hardly ever cries and she has the most beautiful smile. Plus, just look at all that hair. She’s mommas bundle of joy!
A'Niyah is very spontaneous & Happy!!! Shes always smiling!! Its never a dull moment!!!
This is little miss Sophia grace she loves to giggle and love colorful stuff she only 3 months old but can roll
Myra was born on Christmas eve 2020 shes so lovable always smiling she is amazing
Arleht Sosa
She love singing and dancing and loves her dog
Nova is my first baby, 7 months, she's the most amazing baby I could ever dream of she smiles and laughs all day, even in her sleep and lovess taking pictures. She definitely appreciates all the love she gets 💓 and deserves the best. Help me make this happen for her 🙏❤. All is appreciated, even if she doesn't win.
Marlee is 9 months old, she loves to play, laugh and also enjoys being a drama Queen ❤️
Alora is a very cheerful, lovable girl with a smile that can light up a room.
Hello World it’s me Skylar but they call me Sky for short. I love to dance, sing, color & paint. Vote for me ❤️
She is just a beautiful baby,never cry’s she is always smiling and makes my days so special especially I’m her Avo (grandma in portugese)
Nylah is a beautiful, fun, loving girl with already funny and amazing personality. She is the first daughter, niece and grandchild and she knows it ! My little diva ♥ 💛
Jodi loves Singing and dancing. She is very polite And well mannered. Jodi is very in tuned with nature.she loves animals
Treasure loves to dance, Shes very Smart and energetic, She knows sign language and spanish!!!
Loovi is a very energetic toddler who loves to dance and climb on everything she can.
Hello my name is Empress Armani I’m a virgoooo ! I love to watch cocomelon and eat and laugh and scream. I’m only 4 months .
Happy little girl that loves her brother and food. She's a tough little cutie and puts a smile on everyones face!
Blair Isabella is the happiest baby girl always has a smile on, she loves the outdoors, loves sight seeing, swimming and duckies. Her favorite snack is peanut butter.
She is very small, loves to climbs things, she isn’t scared of anything lol. She loves to be around other children her age. She talks and is so smart for her age it’s just amazing... She gives out kisses and hugs and even tells you “byeeee”
Genesis is a smart, sassy, sweet little girl who became a blessing to our family.
A'morah is the happiest baby especially when jumping around and playing with her minnie mouse! She never goes a day without a big smile on her face and crawling around with her favorite blanket. Morah is happiest when playing with her big sister!
Caitlyn Marie Davis
Caitlyn Marie is 5 months old and the most playful and adorable human being babydoll you can ever meet. She loves watching cocomelon and playing with her toys 💖. She loves smiling and playing and love making noise and talking her butt off.
It has been a long journey. Thought I couldn’t have any more kids with struggling with health issue but God bless me with my last baby girl which is Zaria. She bring so much life into my world
Alona Symone
Alona is loving, creative and so much fun. She enjoys singing, dancing, tiktoks, soccer and baking cookies. She loves animals, swimming and gymnastics.
My little model 💜
Aleyah is a 3 yeah old with a personality out of this world. She loves talking and being the star of the show! She is also very smart, active, and adventurous.
Arria Grace is a lively, cuddling animal loving two year old! She loves tots and Minnie Mouse. She is full of energy, and loves our dog Bitzy. Slides are her favorite outdoor activity. The sweetest little thing ever.💕
Ra’Nyiah is very active and loves to dance and sing ! ❤️
Mandy loves long naps and bath time.
Renesmee is full of life, she loves the outdoors, and loves any and all animals. She enjoys playing with kids, and is a little obsessed with baby dolls.
Casey Lynn is an extremely special smart and beautiful little girl who always has a smile on her face. Her favorite thing is gazing at her beautiful fish in her aquariums.
Please vote for me. I like to make people laugh and put a smile on someone face. I like to make noise with my mouth I’m 7 months old. This will help me in so many ways This will be my first time on here this will help me with my daddy that has cancer. This will go to him