Baby Stories - 15


LakeLynn is 8 months old. She is the happiest baby, always smiling and laughing making everyone’s day.
Journey Brielle has such a big, beautiful personality 🥰 She loves blueberries & pumpkin, her bunny, and shopping with mommy🥰
Hi yall, im Willow. I got my red hair for my gammy, im a firecracker but i would give you the jacket off my back! Thank you for taking the time to read and vote 😘
Charlie is one month. She likes cuddles and is always curious about what’s going on around her. Charlie has a sister who is 13 years older. Charlie is alert and has all kinds of faces..
Ella Mae is such a light in this world!! She loves dancing and singing!!! Play some music and this girl will dance dance dance!!!!
Evie is such a loving baby who always has a smile on her face. She loves her mama and dad and is always on the go.
Talia Rose
Talia rose 🌹 is the sweetest smartest little 2yo she loves her brother and dancing 💃 she is a little drama Queen 👑 you can vote every 10 minutes!
Paisley loves bath time, playing with her bubbie and giving lots of smiles and kisses💓
Brynlee Eileen is the sassiest and spunkiest little girl, with so much love in her heart. She was exactly what mommy needed in life.
Penelope Rose
Hello my name is Penelope I am 5 years old! I am my mommy and daddy’s miracle 🙏🏻👧🏻💜Penelope is so funny, loves to sing and dance, she’s caring and loves her fur sisters and fur brother. She loves VPK and her mommy and daddy. She’s definitely got attitude and is sassy lol but we love her ❤️✨💞👧🏻🥰! She loves playing out side with her friends, She loves it 🥳She loves dancing and singing, right now her 4 favorite artists are, Meghan Trainor,Katy Perry,Taylor Swift and JoJo! She wants everyone to be her best friend it’s the sweetest thing ever, glad we are raising such a independent,strong,sweet girl 👧🏻 she’s our world and makes everyone smile. Everyone tells us she could be a model. Couldn’t be more proud!! Penelope wants to be a nurse when she grows up she said specifically the ones who take care of the babies when they are born!! She’s such a sweet girl and says hi to everyone she loves giving high tens and making new friends. Loves to swim she just recently started swimming with out floaters. But still wears them but she’s doing great practicing without them. She’s our little fishy 🌺🤩👧🏻🥰😎🥳
Im Daveigh, i love my little sister and my dog! Vote for me!
Gracie is a sassy smart 17 month old baby girl who brings so much joy to us! She is my sunshine!!!
Fun, Loving , Cocomelon Fanatic !
legend is a very happy and loving baby she loves her toys and to be outside and nap time and is very sassy.
She is the happiest baby I've ever met. She loves her baby tv and for some reason hates Christmas music. Haha. She is so smart and active. Only five months teaching herself to crawl already. She loves cuddles and being scared. And most importantly she looooooves Halloween. Just like momma. My little mini me.
She love to say baba and she loves to get you to laugh she's a bright and shining Star
Honey Mae Abbott
Hello Y’all My Name Is Honey Mae Abbott! I’m Almost 11 Months Old, I’m My Parents Biggest Blessing, I’m Their Miracle Baby! I Love To Snuggles, I Love To Watch CoCo Melon During Tummy Time! I Love To Listen To My Parents Sing To Me! I Have Six Teeth Trying To Come In Right Now! Im A Rep For Fatima&Nellys Bows(Infant Fashion Model)! I Just Have So Much Personality! I Also Recently Started My Very Own Company HoneyBees Fashion! Thank You So Much For Stopping And Viewing My Profile, Hopefully I Get Your Votes!
Maxine is very special to her mom. She was named after her grandmother who passed in 2018. Her mommy believes that my grandma sent me to her as i was born a year after she passed away to the exact time. I have a fiery personality just like my mom and grandma and im so very smart!
Fiesty, out-going and fun. Estella-Mae was a preemie born 2 months early without any delays to show for it. She loves exploring, reading, baths, food, jumping in her bouncer and laughing.
LayLay is a gift from God!!!! Beauty is her name. She is very advance while she enjoy play time with mommy and daddy. Her smile brighten up the whole room. She is very active and love listening to music and watching cartoons. Time is flying because my princess is 11months already.
A'Myia Is A Mircale Baby. She Loves For Someone To Hold Her. She Loves To Eat And Sleep
Hi I’m Kaileah I loves cuddling with mommy , I love eating pears , I also love blowing Bubbles Vote For Me ❤️
Loves baby shark and cocamelon
Olivia Kate loves boating, singing, & swimming.
She is my favorite daughter ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
She was born the day after christmas. And is a very happy baby. That loves to laugh and play. She loves spending time with her brother and watching cocomelon and elmo. Shes very outgoing and loves to explore. And She also loves outdoors
I’m 1 years old. I can walk & im learning to talk. I love Cocomelon & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I give big hugs and kisses & I love to eat applesauce ❣️
our sweet chunks! Always talking and smiling, loves her dada & is the sweetest baby! Always a winner in our eyes ❤️
Hello Kelani she a smart little girl she love playing with kids i been waiting for her to be in a pageant for a long time
Angenise Desire Walker ‼️ Is humorous silly lovable Learns real fast love cocomelon & unicorns 🦄 her favorite color is purple
She loves frozen and Jojo Siwa. She is very energetic. Loves to play with Barbies. She is the light in my world
Chloe is a NICU princess being born at 1lb & 13ozs! Chloe was in the NICU for 4 months. She is 6 months now and out of the NICU and doing better! She is the most happiest and funniest baby I know! Please vote for Chloe she deserves it!
Wednesday is soo sweet. Shes so funny an cute. Very smart nows how to get what she wants.
Haisley is a miracle rainbow baby 💕 She is the sweetest & most happy babygirl🌟
My name is Joy, I love to play and laugh with my siblings. I am very sweet and loving and can make you smile in seconds. 💖
Hi! I’m Zeineth. I am 7 months old I love beating up my big sis 😂 and I like to cry for attention… sorry not sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️ Mommy & daddy still love me though 😅❤️
Is a bella Journie... thats her name and she definitely means it... every day she amazes me with phrases like "mom look how beautiful the sunset God made today" or just to feel her genuine love with her hugs! She is just beautiful inside and out!
Ivoryella is sweet loving baby with a BIG attitude She loves to wiggle and smile
My beautiful girl almost 2 months old loves to snuggle with mommy daddy and piggy. Shes been holding her head up since day 4 and has begun laughing and smiling which steals everyones hearts
She loves to cuddle up with mommy and daddy, eat food and play with toys, peek a boo is her favorite game and loves to dance to all music. Cuddling and nap time is the best and don’t forget her sweet tea from McDonald’s and sonic of she becomes very sassy towards you❤️
Ulani love her some Minnie Mouse!! She carries her Minnie everywhere she goes car rides too the store.. Ulani loves her family and she’s more like the second mother too the youngest brother.. She my little big helper 2 year old going on 18 with her fashionable sense of style and class..
✨Melanie✨loves to spend to time with her family. She is super funny and loves to make others laugh. She enjoys reading all kinds of books, Drawing and learning about animals.She also loves making new friends and is training in jiu-jitsu. 🥋 💕🐒✨🌴👭🏻🧚🏼‍♀️
Lillyann Grace loves to eat and be held by mommy. She also sleep almost all day, that way she can keep on growing as well.
Hi I’m A’journee I love playing & wrestling with my brother. I’m very loving & love making new friends 💜 vote for me!
Skylar Gray ♥️ Coming up on 7 months old. She sure has a personality on her. She loves talking, playing with her hands or anything she can get her hands on. Jumping in her jumper is one of her favorite things to do ! She thinks she’s a big girl because she can sit up and drink out of a straw now ! From her throwing fits to giggling away this girl knows how to get anyones attention.