2 going on 16. LOVES lipstick and has the most sass I’ve ever seen. Cant forget, very BOSSY!
Kiara loves to have dance parties and drumming along to any beat. She is always waving hello and goodbye with a huge smile on her face to anyone who gives her attention. She likes telling stories and reading books. One of her favorite words is dog.
Haizlynn is a very sassy spunky girl who loves to cheer and do pageants. She is a Chiari warrior and is the strongest little girl I know!!
She very smart she loves going to school she loves to dance singing and she very outgoing and also funny she loves to be with her brother and sisters and loves to be around family
She funny smart and she outgoing..she loves to dance watch t.v and loves to go to school
Ava is a fun sassy girl, she loves her siblings and dancing around!
Aubrey is the sweetest girl. Loves to talk and play with her older brother and sister
Chessie is a vivacious girl who enjoys riding horses, mermaiding, and going on adventures. She has such a big heart, and loves to sing at church. She has been published multiple times as a model, and enjoys practicing her fiddle for her cats.
Hazel is 3 months old, her little silly personality is starting to come out, she loves watching coco melon and cooing with her twin brother.
Azhallea Gieanne
Azhallea is as sweet as she is sassy! She has a bubbly personality that grabs the heartstrings of anyone sees her.
Aubree loves to dance and sing!
Girly girl Campbell loves attention! Nicknamed the cool baby at daycare this little girl is the best! She loves a good bowl of mashed potatoes and bows.
Mei Yue
Mei is half Chinese and half black. makes Mei yue blasian . Mei is an only child. Mei mom is a SMBC. Mei love spending time with her little friends. She’s always smiling and happy . Mei love books and love listening to her mama voice when her mama sings to her while cooking but most of all Mei LOVES HER MAMA AND MILK .
Airabella is the youngest and only girl with 8 brothers. She is a twin. She loves to dance, sing, and be bossy. She is loved by all.And loves animals.
Arianna Elizabeth is just something that words can’t describe! She is almost a year old! Has beauty within and outside! Has a wonderful personality at just a year old!
Nevaeh is a beautiful,sweet,and sassy girl! She love her siblings and loves her mama but really loves her daddy! ❤️
Emerald loves her older brother (age 3) . She loves her big doggy Tank. She smiles through everything, no matter what she always has a big smile on her face. She talks alot ,cruises through the house and loves to play .
Marlee is so happy and outgoing! She loves to meet new friends and is always smiling and having fun.
First girl of a family full of boys! Loves naps and cuddles.
This picture does no justice as to this little girl and her huge personality. I can assure you if you knew her, you would totally vote for her! She loves anything that has to do with learning and is Miss Independent at the moment.
she thinks she’s queen b , so sassy and so silly and so smart !
My name is Adalynn Mae ! I’m 8yrs old , I’m very smart an I have the best personality I brighten everyone’s day !
Zoey is 9 years old she enjoys dancing, gymnastics, basketball and soccer. She loves school and playing with her baby brother. She enjoys hunting and fishing with her uncle and cousins. She is in the youth group and choir at her church. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up.
McKenzie's my little firecracker , She keeps me on my toes. She's a beautiful, sweet , loving , funny girl with a little bit of sassiness. McKenzie's very active , as she plays Soccer, and Gymnastics year round. She's very competitive when it comes to Soccer ,but with Gymnastics.... it's more for fun. McKenzie has so much love for animals, especially cats ...and one day her dream is to be a Veterinarian. I've never seen a child who has so much love for animals, as she does.
Paisley Mae
Paisley Mae loves spending time with her big brother . She’s very sassy and doesn’t like the word no . She’s smart and loving little girl . She love her papa. Her favorite thing to do is praise the lord at church while she dances around .
Luna Castillo
Luna was born at 31 weeks. Mommy and daddy got into a car accident which caused Mommy to have to go into an emergency C-section Beautiful preemie moon 🌙
Hayslee is a very energetic girl, loves her siblings and loves to help with her baby sister!
My name is Kashmiere but I go by Kash for short. I'm 6 years old and in first grade. My favorite things to do is dance, play with my american girl dolls and barbies.
Ray Ray
This is Ray Ray, our little rainbow baby! She is the sweetest little girl. She loves everyone she meets, she's always wanting hugs. Her heart is so big and full of love, that if you look in her eyes you can see the love. She has an amazing personality! She loves to dance,.despite having spina bifida. Shes pur little warrior.
Julianna is the absolute sweetest little girl. Shes so smartnand silly.
Avery is 5 months old she loves jumping and loves Sesame Street she loves kisses she loves to laugh and play and loves to be held and sang too
Caroline is our little sweetheart with a whole lot of sass! She enjoys playing with her brothers and all of her cousins!
Sophie is super out going, you never know what’s going to come out her mouth! She has a huge personality that can put a smile on anyone face!
Jean is actually twins with my other daughter Judy. The reason why her eyes are so bloodshot is because I don’t let her sleep. And her teeth are jacked up because Judy also ripped her braces out and ate them. Lol 😂 Jean is completely different from her twin. Judy always beats her and I just let her do it because to be honest, I don’t even like Jean. and she’s ugly 🤢🤮 I don’t let her shower or brush her hair. That’s why it’s so crazy. 🙈🙊
Gabrielle is two months going on three months old. She loves to play. Her favorite thing is jumping while being held and smiling. She is literally our world 💕
Sophia is 4 months old she is the happiest baby in the world when you look at her she just smiles she's little but she's so smart she likes to play with her toys and cuddling with her mommy and sleeping. If you vote for us will return the favor like and share her profile we would appreciate it.
Ariana Thea
She's a bubbly girl she loves to dance ,sing and create tiktok content by herself. She is very active kid she loves playing kitchen set and she loves to draw.she is friendly everytime she saw people she make sure to say hi thats the first step she do .to get along with people She's just 3 years old but and starting to explore things .
Athena Dahlia
She’s stress reliever when her mom tired from work. She so adorable, She was easy to take care of 🥰
Ember Johns
Hi my name is Ember! I’m in kindergarten, I love cheerleading and mermaids! I just turned 6 years old and lost my first tooth! I’m very athletic I once ran 1 mile! I love spending time with my family and going to the park!
Hi I’m scarlet , I’m kinda a diva but I also like being a tomboy. I love dress up , I love anime but I also love being outside! My laugh is absolutely contagious ! Im very tall for my age! I lover unicorns and my boots! My birthday is coming up soon and that’s all I can talk about right now!
Danielle is my miracle baby born at 34 weeks. 2 weeks spent in the NICU. She's everything I ever hoped for absolutely beautiful, spunky, smart, and an all around daddy's girl. She loves to play with her sister and making friends at school.and always wanting to help when help is needed. I would love for her to win something anything and see that smile on her face. Please vote for my baby it would totally make her day.
Zaerriah is a godly child. She loves to sing and draw. Willing to always love and help any one.
Ashley Nicole Edwards
Ashley is a loving 1 year old She loves play with her dolls She loves to have her nails and hair done She love to brush your hair
Cassi Rain
Cassi Rain is almost 3 years old and she is the sweetest & most loving big sister of 2 girls. She knows sign language and learns something new everyday. She loves her baby sisters and Blippi." She is definitely my little star⭐!
Kenzie Jay
Kenzie Jay is 22 months old and is very much a daddy's girl. She is a tiny thing but so very determined. She is smart and sweet as can be. She loves her big sister Cassi and she loves Cocomelon. She is very observant and awkward but that's what makes her special.
She has a good habit of sharing. She likes the dolls. She has an ability to play with number puzzle, letters puzzle , foam blocks and building blocks etc...