Briley is a little spit fire! She’s very loving and cares about everyone, but she is also a little fire cracker!
Hey my name is Princess Honestee an the most adorable baby any mother can have. The smile I gives other people will enlighten your day!!I love too have fun and eat.
Eden has a heart of gold,very loving and smart. She is willing to help anyone. At 3 years old she was putting together 24-36 piece puzzles. She is crazy wild about all animals. She wants to be a vet when she grows up. She can be a little sassy at times. A wonderful beautiful child. She loves her 2 brothers and enjoys playing outside on trampoline with them. Her favorite colors are pink,blue and purple. Her favorite food is cheeseburger and candy. She loves scary movies and loves to have slumber parties
Amelia loves to ride horses and she also loves to swim. She also loves to give presents to everyone she knows.
CK is the caboose of our family. She’s our ultimate wild child, always climbing and jumping off things, and can usually be seen sporting a backwards hat, ‘like daddy’.
Rosalina Diosdado
Rosalina loves modeling,drawing,dancing hip hop,playing soccer . She is very independent at her young age she is very kind & loving she loves her dog Bella :)
Ariel is such a happy soul, she just loves to play and make you smile. She's super smart, loves to clean and talk.
Shelby is the most caring and loveable kid. She will help you in any way she knows how. She loves watching YouTube and playing Minecraft. She also loves horses and squishmellows.
Delah is tiny but mighty. She has the biggest personality, even though she is smaller than most toddlers her age. She loves to laugh, dance, and play outside. She is brave and bold, and she hasn't met an animal she doesn't love. She's a sassy and sweet princess who is loved by everyone she meets!
Luna is 4 years old. She is a Fadhionista who enjoys dressing her self. She loves fashion, makeup, and nail polish. She also enjoys dancing and drawing.
Raigen Clark
She’s so sweet kind she so lovable very respectful and very kind very sweet she’s the baby out of my 4 kids
Jhenna is just as sweet and sassy as can be!
Amari is very playful, has the most adorable character and enjoys playing outside! She loves running around. And loves the water!
Aubrielle is a spunky, sweet and smart little 6 year old. She will help anyone in need and is a huge helper. She loves to read and get her hands dirty. Not afraid to compete with the boys either. She is fearless and determined. Please vote for her.
Hi my name is Imara Conyers I am 4 months old I love to smile!! I mainly drools everywhere as you can see in my photo!! I am fun major of the time I make it a little cranky when I’m hungry what all babies right!! Vote for me and I will make you smile!!
She loves Being sassy, she loves playing softball and being with her friends. She also loves coming home and being with her brother watching movies , wrestling around together. She is one of the most outgoing , sassy with alot of class that comes with a attitude , her Heart is pure, and shes the most precious loving little girl ... Who loves to show off her smile. Her personality is amazing , this little girl is full of smiles and will light up the whole room. She will definately turn your frown upside down!! Kaizlee Faye, one day she will inspire us all...and she will be change our lives one day... she Smart & very bright. #prettyblueeyedbaby
Alani Nicole
Alani Nicole like to eat,watch YouTube,do her hair and makeup🥰and she loves to dance🩰and her favorite app is TikTok and she her favorite food is a happy meal 😂💕
Jhenna has an amazing personality, she is sweet and spunky! She likes to sing and watch Cocomelon.
Ny'Asia Wyatt
Ny'Asia is very smart intelligent and outgoing for her age she loves doing anything when it comes to her granny my daughter love the out doors doing all kinds of things and gets along with everyone she's a very friendly person yall vote for my baby!!
Genevie loves to make her little car noises and she also loves to "dance". She's such a happy baby.
She is very lovely girl. She loves food .. she always smile 😍
She's very outgoing smart she has no fear and she loves to joke around
Gracie loves to dance and sing! She likes all types of music from daft punk, System of a Down, to lady Gaga. She has such a spunky and sweet personality. Gracie is super sassy and just all around so fun to be around; she will always put a smile on your face
My name is Bryleigh Kay and I will bring the sass! I love dressing up, singing, and playing with my big brother. I want to be a princess when I grow up.
Precious is very adventurous and is a spunky little girl with a lot of love and laughter.
Adalynn is a very Adventurous little 4 year old she loves the outdoors,loves being with family and friends she plays tball she was born early at 35weeks weighting 4lbs 7ozs she loves school she loves going on walks and playing at the park.
Brynlee is a very chill girl with a BIG personality!
The kindest soal I have ever meant, love’s adventures, being outside, all her friends and doing all the things she loves!
Azealia is in 3rd grade. She loves animals and people. She loves doing nails and hair all the time. She is a smart kid. You should vote for her because she really will appreciate it cause it just me and her and i am working two jobs just to mae ends meet
She is my rainbow baby and is full of love and smiles! She can turn anyone’s bad day into a great one! Her personality is showing more and more everyday!
Desiray loves to be a kid. Toys, coloring, playing with other kids. She loves her snacks and sweets. She doesnt like seeing others in pain and becomes concerned when she sees someone hurting. She wants to be of help as much as she can be. Anything girly and pretty she loves. She’s very bubbly. She said when she grows up that she just wants to stay with me forever and become a Veterinarian♥️
Teagan is a smart and lively baby girl, she loves to play and is very talkative. She loves to play all day and cuddle with her family, her best friends are her family dog and stuffed animal she got when she was born.
Autumn favorite color is blue she’s 3 years old her favorite ansimal is a giraffe 🦒 her favorite holiday is her birthday and Christmas she’s fun creative and a character she love to get her hair done a real sassy lovable baby girl help her out
Jodeci loves to watch Mrs. Rachel, she enjoys talking and playing, what she enjoys most is eating.
This is my Niece Aurora Rayne❤️ she’s like the combination of a daughter and a Best friend❤️Aurora’s a Rainbow baby, when she was born her heart stopped and a miracle happened❤️🙏🏽 For this child We have prayed, She’s the rainbow that adds colors to our gray skies🌈❤️Aurora is a Sweet and Happy Baby🥰 She Loves Eating and she loves taking pictures😂 She’s a Drama Queen!👑❤️
Selina-Kyle is 9m old and loves watching Mickey Mouse with her big brother.
Zoey lovves to make noises and can walk she loves saying mama and dada and shaking her head no🥰
Kaleena loves animals and playing with her siblings. She recently started cheer which is loving! She has a personality that lights up a room. She wants to be a model or actress when she grows up, let’s help her reach her goals!!
Rocki-Ann is a smart witty girl, she is full of life and thinks she is a purple princess!! She loves her family tons and loves playing outside.
Miss Payton is in headstart, can spell her name already and enjoys coloring, reading, playing outside and LOVES dinosaurs.!
Jeslenn was Born on March 1st 2022. She is one of the most happy babies i've ever met. Jeslenn is always talking and making face. She loves to take baths and play outside.
Brown hair, brown eyed beauty. Outgoing, compassionate, level headed teenage girl. Creative, talented, loving big & little sister (middle child)
Katalina is smart, funny, loves to sing, she’s definitely a foodie & she can always brighten your day. 🥰
Riverlyn is funny and outgoing she smiles a lot and loves her grandpa
Macei loves watching learning shows. She’s very independent. She’s loves to play.
Karma is so fun, loving, and energetic! She loves being out side and playing with her brother. She is absolutely in love with daddy, and does everything mommy does! She is the best little girl we could have ever asked for and i love watching her smile instantly turn peoples heads she is a light and inspires me everyday!
My name is Aspen Sage and I am ten months old. I have one tooth, I’m crawling on my own and I’m obsessed with my Dada ❤️ I’m a very happy little lady and always have a smile or funny expression on my face.