Aliyah Jean
She's so adorable, shes bound to steal your heart! She loves to dance and boy does she got the rythm too... Full of laughter and smiles and a attitude to go with it... My little mini me for sure...
Teagan Rayne is my beautiful girl. She loves to eat! She’s such a happy baby and her daddy’s twin❤️
A free spirited, wildchild. Whom love gymnastics, dance, and cheer! Favorite meal is a salmon salad. When she grows up I want to be a veterinarian.
This young lady is nothing shy of amazing, she wants to dance for a HBCU when she gets to college. She loves making everyone smile. She’s the brightest star when she walks in a room. Everyone loves her..
She loves to stretch and smile shes loves to try to sit up and she loved her food❤️
Makayla is a sweet little girl she loves to dance and talk your ear off 🤣! To know her is to love her!
She's little miss sassy! Lol.
La’Tayejah is a nine year old who wasn’t suppose to live past four hours after birth.. La’Tayejah weighed 15.9 ounces at birth.. La’Tayejah is a 3rd grader who loves reading to her classmates and teachers. For fun time she reads books,ride her bike and loves to color..
Hazel is a sassy 4 year old who loves ice cream and playing with her twin brother and puppy Everest!
Ivylee loves playing with her toys and is always happy
Brielle is very friendly and loveable baby. Her smile & laughter is contagious. She loves videos chats with family members daily. She is a BLESSING to all the people that she meet.
Very special lady loves to bounce and a singing voice
Hi, I’m Gracelyn. I am a sassy fun loving 4 years old. I love pageants, gymnastics and cheer. I want to be a doctor when I grow up so I can help people everyday.
Elisenia is a sweet fun loving babygirl who loves to have adventures she loves to sing dance pose for pictures be her cute sassy self
Aloha! I’m Acheziyah (Uh-K-Zee-Ah) I’m 10 and love playing roblox with my friends and cousins. Vote for me please! God Bless! 🧡
Serenity has been on honor roll 7 consecutive trimesters. Outside of School she is an active volunteer in her community, has been a pageant title holder for several years, has received five consecutive Gold Presidential Volunteer Service Awards for volunteering over 500 hours of community service. She has received a total of 11 Senate Award Certificates of Recognition. She loves to sew and recently started her own business as well.
Norah is just the happiest baby! She loves her teddy bear, playing with her toys, rolling over, bouncing in her bouncer, and she is trying really hard to crawl.
Sophia is absolutely perfect. She's so smart and sassy as can be. She's our world.
Aaliyah loves cheer, dance, basketball, reading, and math. She’s also very kind to others and loves making friends. Her smile and everything about her will light up a room.
I’m NayLei , 4 months old & a mommy and daddy’s girl . I love playing and talking to my mommy . I love feeding time , that’s explains why I’m so chunky!🥰
Chloe is a beautiful princess inside and out, she loves to help and care for others, including pets/animals. ❤️🙏
Brianna Rodriguez
Brianna is the sassiest little one year old ever☺️ she loves her some Bruno mars and Elmo 🎶❤️ Hit the vote button please!😊 thank you🫶🏼
She 1 she love to dance and eat n play vote for my girl ❤️❤️
desteney likes to dance he also likes to do tik tok and play roblox with his cousins ​​he loves to travel with his family and he likes to swim
Hi, This is lawla She’s smart, funny and creative. She like to draw, play, dress up, sing and shopping,🤭❤️ Mostly She love to make friends.
LillyAnn is special needs. She has autism and developmentally delayed. She has been through a lot in her 14 years of life. She has taught us so much. She is a blessing from God and wouldn’t change her for the world. She loves Shadow the hedgehog and Sonic the hedgehog. She enjoys playing games with her little sister and the family. She loves YouTube.
Amyia is one of kind. Since she’s been growing like a weed, she’s loves showing us those nice lungs she has. She loves whip cream…
Sassy most lovable little human. Loves to say hi to everyone. And also gets into anything in her path.
Our sweet girl loves Being talked to, Being held, Sitting up And is spoiled rotten already💕
Alexa is a very happy and silly baby girl, she loves playing with her daddy and watching mommy cook.
Say hi to the TWOSday girl!! Miss Layla was born on Tuesday, 02/22/2022!! She shows off her uniqueness in everything she does!! Layla is trying so hard to crawl and even stand on her own at only 6 months! She’s a little foodie and been chomping down on everything she can!! Layla is a little comedian and is always sure to bring a smile to your face, wether it’s by being goofy or giving kisses she’ll make the frown go upside down!!
Coraline is as unique as her name. She knows what she wants and doesn’t hesitate to express it in her toddler ways. She has discovered the world of Disney princesses. It’s all about dancing, singing and dressing up in her big sisters dresses.
Ashley is the sweetest baby girl! She loves watching football with daddy and dancing with mommy. Most of what we do is eat sleep and poop but that’s what makes us happy
Chasity-anne Waialeale
"Dont let the fear of losing be greater then the excitement of winning" By: Robert Kiyosaki
Ariella is a 1 year old who has the sassiest attitude, and the most fun personality. Her bright blue eyes & big smile can make anyone fall in love with her!! Her favorite thing to play with is her Minnie Mouse, & her Unicorn!
Mary Jane
She is just the sweetest little one, but she does have that mean side. Lol. MaryJane is her own person. Very independent and just loves her puppies. She is very outgoing and active. She is just everywhere, but boy can she make you laugh your butt off. She smiles so much with her eyes when she laughs. She loves her family, coloring, playing games, building, sports, and alot of other stuf.
Anegla is so outgoing and very independent. She loves coloring, playing sports, school, her puppies, her kitty, her family, and so much more. She is very sweet, kind, helpful, and just all around the sweetest little girl you will ever meet. She does have that attitude along with the princessness, but doesnt every girl. Hehe😊
Loves her family and being a big sister.
She loves to eat, sleep and laugh. Most importantly she loves being under her mom and dad, she’s very alert and loves to sit up and talk. She’s my first born and such a baby doll
Summer is a very loving and caring little girl. She is very smart and tries to be very independent. She loves fishing, swimming and just being outside.
Hi I'm De'Asia. I like to dance and make tic-toc's . I enjoying cooking my runny eggs 😂 .Also watching tv when I'm not playing with my baby sister.
She is the happiest baby you will ever meet always smiling and alert.
Aylah is 11 months old soon to be 1! Aylah loves ms. Rachel and the movie “Home”. She is a complete daddy’s girl! Loves to eat, especially cookies!
Destiny is a very Loving & Charming Girl. She loves taking pictures .
Alayah has the happiest & sweetest soul! She’s heaven on earth! She brings many people joy & I’m very blessed to be her momma! She loves to learn new things, listen to music, & giving her little sister lovings! She also has a huge heart for animals! Especially horses! 🤍