Baby Stories - 15


Wynter is a miracle baby from a mom who is 23 with heart failure kidney failure & lupus wynter Marie was born 2 pounds 11inches at 31 weeks she loves Mickey Mouse and enjoys listening to music my doctors told me I could never have kids but I was blessed to have one before they permanently removed my tubes I am so grateful to be her mother ❤️
Truly a gift from God, my dancing doll who loves to eat and brings joy to everyone she meets , better known as Sugamama.
Smart, active and love to smile and dance!!! She’s my favorite girl in the whole world🥰🥰😍😍
Miss Audriella is a 4 year old daughter of mine! Who has such a big generous heart. She loves people, healing, and animals . Her spirit is always high no matter what! She wants to do pageants! As she says everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way mommy! 💗
Devina is learning English horseback riding her loves for horses. She lives in the water she is great swimmer and dives under water. Like any girls she loves unicorns and mermaid. Her favorites color is purple. She loves all kinds of animals.
Hi, I am amaya Nicole and I love getting into things and being outside! I am a huge pj mask fan and a mommies girl. I make silly faces and get into trouble!!
Sloane is an overachiever, on day (5) she already holds her own Binki.
She’s a little sweet diva. She loves dancing and playing with her two big brothers. She wakes up with a smile everyday. She’s so eager to explore.
Amari is the most sweet and loving baby! She loves to smile She loves to see family And most of all she is a gift from god💗
Katarina loves to dance and sing. She’s a natural born leader and takes initiative when it comes to helping her peers.
Katarina loves to dance and sing. She’s a natural born leader and takes initiative when it comes to helping her peers.
Oriana is the piece to our puzzle! Oriana is sweet, calm and a happy baby. She love's to be surrounded by her three older brothers. Bath time and bounding with mommy is her favorite time.
Ophelia is 10 months old. She loves Sesame Street and vegetables
Serenitys very happy all the time! Always smiling and laughing learning new things everyday!
She's 2 months old, she loves being with her mommy and daddy, her aunt and cousins, she is learning to hold her toys, she holds her head up and smiles at everyone 💕
Ahlaysia loves happy meals and likes watching blue clues !
Shes very outgoing not shy at all and lives everyone.
Shes sassy and smart and shes also shy
She loves to smile & she loves to look all around. She's the happiest most beautiful baby 💕
Madalyn is full of spirit and sunshine. She loves the outdoors and doesn’t meet a stranger ❤️
Aspen loves dinosaurs, John Wayne, and being little sister to 1 older sister and 5 older brothers, also being silly.
Where to start! Marlo has such a loving personality, she’s very talkative, she loves rolling over, she can now sit up, very happy baby but has no problem flashing you a look. She is everything! 😩🥰
Isabella loves her little brother she is great big sister
At home we call her Birdie, She has 4 older brothers to keep her laughing. We love to make her smile. Favorite food right now: Mango's and organic sweet potato's w/marshmellos. 💗
Phoenix is soooo silly! She is good at tracing her letters, brushing hair, and helping with her younger siblings. She's such a splendid little girl.
She loves to laugh and talk to you. She holds her head up like a big girl. And loves everyone.
Samara is the apple of my eyes and she like to spend time with her grandma because she let her sleep on her chest she is just a sweet little soul please vote for her
Minka is the sweetest and the funniest little girl. She loves her baby dolls, her siblings, and brushing hair. Her favorite thing to do is eat!!
Zoe is a very happy and loving baby. She loves to make noise and rub her daddy’s face. She’s the sweetest little girl 🧡
Laikyn is one of the sweetest little souls you could ever meet! Her smile makes everything better! She loves cuddles, her babies, and family! Vote for Laikyn!
Hi, my name is Arelis, i’m 2 months and I love cuddles, kicking the air , tummy time, listening to music , giggling and staring at the sky. I am a sweet baby , seeing people smile makes me happy :)
Raylynn is super energetic and so advanced for her age. She is hitting milestones daily. She is so attentive, so funny, sweet, loves to snuggle and is always a pleasure to be around.
She loves cuddles, she’s such a happy 1 month. She’s always smiling and she loves her daddy playing with her.
Morgan is very loving kind hearted loves to dance and is working her way to be a model
Donna is 1 years old loves taking photos,and is always smiling she is a very happy baby.
Dallas is such a sweet soul who always tries her best no matter what she’s doing. She loves dance and wants to be the next Misty Copeland when she grows up. She loves science and doing “experiments”.
This is my princess O’Lahni she is a premie with a big heart ❤️ she loves to eat 😂🥺 Her and her dad have the same birthday 🥳 March 22 and the same big eyes
Jo is silly, caring, smart, brave and talented. She is beautiful inside and out!
Lydia is a pretty outgoing girl!!! She loves the outdoors like fishing and walks!! She loves the water and always wants to go to the beach!! Lydia also loves spending time with her baby sister Saphira and making her laugh!!!
Born at 1.5 lbs, on March 31st 2020, at 29 weeks gestation, she showed strength and resilience fighting meningitis, sepsis, NEC and having 2 blood clots in her brain. She may be little but she is fierce!! She loves her twin brother, her Daddy, and has both her uncles wrapped around her fingers with her ocean blue eyes and bubbly personality. She has been a little diva since she was born, complete with the attitudes of a teen. Her and her brother are my double rainbow, after losing their older sister in 2016, from the same thing Rhea was sick from. Even on the darkest of days, her and her brother light up the room.
Saphira is a pretty mellow baby. She likes to spend time with her older sister Lydia and always laughing!!
She is a wonderful & beautiful girl and too active for whole day. she is very lovely & smart with attractive features.
Lexy Marie
>She loves to dance and sing >She is always happy and full of energy❣
Dariana loves to play with her twin brother and 2 older brothers. She loves to jump and roll.
Hello prince and princesses! My name is Zhuri, I love my parents and I love my two older brothers. I love to smile even in my sleep, I don’t know how I look yet but hopefully you think I look beautiful. So please vote for me!
Dessie is the sassiest little girl ever she loves to dance and loves animals
Jade is a unique adorable beautiful little baby girl she likes to cuddle an likes to laugh a lot an is very playful an it’s filled with so much joy an happiness.