She loves itsy bitsy spider and Yogurt 🍦 she’s recently discovered her love for dipping everything in honey mustard.
Keori Loves to eat and is the sweetest 🦋
Alina is the nicest sweetest girl. She loves Pink and all thing's girly. She is my mini me. She makes me proud to be her mom everyday!!
Miss Haisley Marie loves to smile at her mommy and hang out with her brother. Her favorite things is when she gets hugs and kisses from big brother!
K’Alyah Is A Rainbow Baby Sent From Her Brother Latreal Who is sadly no longer with us , she LOVES baby shark , mommy , pawpaw and nana , her Tts and cousins but most of all her Cheeto puffs lol she likes playing outside in her Minnie Mouse car
Hi, my favorite worlds and hello and buh-bye. I’m also very smart.
Her is Daniyah Because she would Guide me through the right path and Daniyah is very smart loves to write and read books and sing wheels on the bus .
Ameliah is warm hearted full of energy toddler who is always walking and talking, she loves baby shark and cheese balls!
Rayleigh is 1 months old born on 2/26/24. She loves to smile, coo/talk, and her big brother and family. It would be greatly appreciated if you vote her❤️ good luck to the other contestants 🥰
Penelope is a very happy girl! She loves cocomelon, her brothers, and her doggies. She is a very smart girl.
Chloe is 12 months old. She loves her naps and her paci. Her favorite food is bananas!
She is cute little cutie pie. Feel so happy to have a little angel like my daughter in my life. She is the world to me. Love you❤️😘😍
She loves to sing. She’s sweet and she likes to rhyme, and she loves free to tell her spooky stories.
Aubree is a bundle of joy she loves to talk to you and laugh she loves watching tv and car rides
Miss Sofia is 16 months and will light up anyone’s day with just her looking at you! She loves her big brother who she calls “bubba” she loves it when she copies everyone and thinks it’s funny
While pregnant with her she always hid her gender so we didn't know what gender she was til she arrived.....Nija is The happiest 1 year old you'll ever meet. She keeps that beautiful smile on her face. She's very curious and loves outdoors. And She loves to watch Gracie's Corner.
Lili just made 2 months old loves to sleep and go riding and being in motion and likes her big brothers company
Hello!! My names Rylee and I absolutely love to play outside and run around! I also love love love Bluey and Moana. My favorite person in the whole world is my mama. I’m usually pretty joyful but since I’m two, I have to give my mama a hard time every now and then.
This is Nova, she was born 3 pounds at 7months. And shes been a fighter ever since, doctors told me she would be behind but shes so far ahead her time. Im really doing this because i just want her to win at something, anything. 🤍
Shannah is an active 9 month old, she is full of laughs, love and happiness! She is so precious!
My beautiful baby girl Roslyn is 3 months old, and is the happiest baby you will ever meet. She always has a smile on her face and will always laugh at the little things you do! She absolutely loves her little hands but refuses the pacy. She also loves snuggles and kisses,
Olivia is 3 months old loves to watch zaboomafoo and wiggles, she loves to smile and likes to play with her magic piano :)
Hi, I'm riley I love hanging out with friends and family and really easy to get to know!!
Leah is very energetic, loves to always have a fun time even when she doesn’t feel good . Always has a huge contagious smile on her face that brightens any room . She is very friendly and loves everyone .
Hello my name is Quinley! Everyone calls me Quin, Quinley Rae, And Baby Q. I love taking baths, I like to splash around in the water. I love to smile and laugh, but my favorite thing to do right now is to put everything in my mouth.
She is so sweet smart & love to laugh , she likes apple slices
Hey everyone I’m Platinum I know my mommy and Daddy gave me such a unique name everywhere I go they say Aw she such a doll can’t you just see it when I say cheese I would love and appreciate your vote thanks for the support have a blessed one
My name is Kashmir I am Kind, I am Amazing, I am Smart, I am Honest, I am Miraculous, I am Intelligent, I am Respectful, Respected, and Resilient and I am a born leader… my mommy say I’m thee prettiest and most courageous princess, it’s the truth so please vote for me.
She Is Our Little Miracle And Rainbow Baby. We Are So Overjoyed To Have Her In Our World.
She very friendly, outgoing has a big personality goofy, loves to dance an cheer loves music her favorite food is strawberries, she loves musicals, meeting new kids, enjoys being outside, making arts an crafts a slime!! Maker Lol will hop on a video game quick beautiful doe eyes an smile will melt ur heart❤️
Heyyyy my name is Caydence . My momma has entered me here because she says I am the most beautiful baby , everyone wants me to win , so yall help me win by voting for me . 1 free vote every 10 minutes or you're more than willing to pay 🥰
Averie is the happiest baby you’ll ever meet. Her favorite things are bananas,Daddy and Ms.Rachel!
Hi, I’m Jehlani. I love to dance, play and eat. I am the last of three. Please vote for me!
She is full of joy and happiness and love to smile.
Hi! This is Aiko Rose Lee! She is a sweet, and super energetic 8 month old! We live in Paducah, Ky. She was born to myself, Whitney, her dad Anthony. She has an older brother, Amias and two dogs - Benji & Latto. She loves french fries, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, baby food, and her daddy soooo so much. Her favorite thing to do is mock Mrs. Rachel or dance to Gracies Corner. She loves cuddling with her mommy and play fighting with her brother. Her most remarkable feature is her chubby cheeks — Oh so pinch-able. 🥰 She is a little bit of heaven with a big wild side. She is the “mini boss” and everything is ran through her. She has the most precious smile and the biggest laugh. She is FULL of personality and tons of sass. She’s very photogenic and will light up any room she’s in.
Every child is a star shining bright in their own unique way. Journei loves to eat and play with her older siblings.
Aliyah Justice
Aliyah is 4 years old she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy an she absolutely loves McDonald’s fries ❤️
Nylah grace sweet and joyful and loves to smile!!!
Charlee Louise
Little miss Charlee is so sweet and full of joy 💓 She’s most definitely a Virgo 🦋✨
Luna is so full of personality already. She will let you know what she wants and who she wants. Her favorite thing in the world at the moment is food and eating her fists.
Persephone is the sweetest girl with the sassiest personality! She loves to smile, giggle, and play peek a boo!
Oaklyn is 2 months old she loves sleep over anything she loves her daddy her mommy and her memaw shes a very happy baby if she dont like something her face will show it
Hazel Grace is fearless and adventurous! She's ambitious, lovable and eager to learn new things. Shes a ball full of energy She has a brilliant, outgoing personality, she has an imagination like no other and wont take no for a answer! She loves gymnastics and dancing like no one’s watching. Her favorite color is pink and she is obsessed with cocomelon!
Ms Brinnley is a very loveable and happy girl, she is constantly smiling and laughing. She enjoys bring outside, in her swing, play time, and her tv time.
Shes the most sweetie baby ive ever meant love her elmo and doggyland love cuddles shes just the best
Arlora was born on March 15, 2024 @5:30pm. When she born she already was making the world her own place. Everywhere she goes people just fall in love with her. She such a sweet baby.