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7 yo · Bridgeport

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Jowii M.
Keosha M.
William I M. S.

Jowii is the BEST kind of kid! She plays hard and loves harder. Jowii is kind to others and is always looking to make you laugh. Jowiis radiant smile is beautiful and contagious and we would highly appreciate your vote. She is Amazing 👏😍



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Jamie W.
Jamie W. Vote for vote?! Heather
Lady G.
Lady G. Would you like to send a bonus (400) and we vote for you? Maia
Elizabeth D.
Elizabeth D. Beautiful little lady
Jowii M.
Jowii M. TY 😊
Tammy P.
Tammy P. Consider donating votes to Gabby. . . .Gabriella Leanna . . .
Harry P. A.
Harry P. A. Hi 😉do you want to exchange 10 votes to day?
Grace V.
Grace V. Want to exchange 10/10? Steve
Julie B.
Julie B. Hello. Exchange with Etienne ?
Kenza G. D.
Kenza G. D. Brs échange de vote
Véronique M.
Véronique M. Athéna Exchange votes thanks
Sharaya S.
Sharaya S. I love that picture! Awww 💕 I want one.
Jowii M.
Jowii M. oh you did get last tear easter picx? I got'chu fam!
Jowii M.
Jowii M. *oh you didn't get?
Diana N.
Diana N. very loving baby girl she has a heart of joy and she is a loving person she has the biggest beautiful smile
Natasha T.
Natasha T. Jowii is an essence. She sings, writes songs, dances, and has the wit and grit of her Amazing Mommy, which is a super plus. She’s got insight and foresight. When she is around, I feel balanced- and I always appreciate her independent heart. My girl is everything. ❤️‍🔥🌹❤️‍🔥
Sharaya S.
Sharaya S. Jojo is wise beyond her years. She's brave enough to seek answers to the questions that she has and she'll make you think long and hard about how you answer her. Jowii can be the center of attention, but one of her best qualities is understanding how to share the spotlight and being a wonderful friend to others.
Latanya M.
Latanya M. Jowii has such a contagious laugh no matter What mood u r in u will definitely perk up around her
Jowii M.
Jowii M. Its the JOY for me!! 🥰